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Zimin: "There is certain optimism of rather Russian civil society"

Dmitry Zimin.
At a ceremony "It is made in Russia" most actively discussed a situation with the New Times magazine which managed to raise money for payment of a penalty of Roskomnadzor. What did the audience and who was awarded speak about? Dmitry Zimin. Photo: Vyacheslav the Snob Project handed to Prokofiev/TASS in the Historical museum the traditional award for achievements in the field of literature, cinema, theater, business, museum business, media, charity. This time the ceremony was dated for a decade of "Snob". There arrived Anatoly Chubais, Ksenia Sobchak, Irina Hakamada, Jan Yanovsky. What how they in general understand a phrase "it is made in Russia" did the audience also speak about? Most actively discussed the New Times magazine which in four days managed to collect more than 25 million rubles on payment of a penalty to Roskomnadzor. The discussion about freedom of the press took place behind cocktails with mango. Had a snack on spoons with black caviar and tartlets from red. The founder of VimpelCom Dmitry Zimin among those who offered money. — I have certain optimism of rather Russian civil society. I am glad even not so much for Albats how many for all of us. I, probably, there even was one of the greatest payers.

— "Is made in Russia": what it today?

— For me a phrase "is made in such country" is secondary in comparison with the fact what in general is made that the mankind rose by some step. And where it is made, this increased love to the native herd goes from the Stone Age. ​ the Ceremony was hosted by 20-year-old children — it was on ten when "Snob" began. They do not understand songs by Pugacheva, but with aspiration read Alexander Sokurov's texts and played Pyotr Pavlensky's dialogue with the investigator, and then awarded the best. In the Business nominations the figurine was taken by RUSNANO. With the company Alexander Tsekalo competed with the Environment project — for the first Russian series on Netflix and Telegram in which ICO more than 80 businessmen, including Roman Abramovich participated.

Chubais told that the choice, probably, was wise. This remark caused laughter in the hall. At the Russian business difficult image abroad, the businessman told. Anatoly Chubais the chairman of the board of UK "RUSNANO" "What is real achievements of business as goods products, unfortunately, has no world brand yet. The same as we in Russia can hardly brag of a large number of the companies created in recent years with world brands. But it is the following stage. At us in the country 25 years ago the private property was a criminal offense. In the modern technological world in general hardly is however that there was a serious engineering product which would be made in the one and only country. On the other hand, what was presented here, is precisely Russian product. Telegram is the Russian product in spite of the fact that Durov is not in Russia. The Rossiyskost if desired and without some cunning jugglings is easily identified".
In the Cinema and Theatre nomination the artistic director of Bolshoi Drama Theatre of Tovstonogov won against An St. Petersburg



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