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"Zakharchenko was ready to leave". To whom could murder of the head of the DPR be favorable?

Alexander Zakharchenko.
Different versions sound: official — "a hand of Moscow" at Kiev and "participation of Ukraine" at the Russian Federation; at the level of sources — matter in money, the Minister of Finance Alexander Timofeev has crossed the road to someone's business, and Zakharchenko has got under explosion accidentally. Business FM tried to understand Alexander Zakharchenko. Photo: Alexander Ermochenko/Reuters the former Donbass commander Igor Strelkov who has told journalists that the moment became ripe that Zakharchenko was "a political prostitute couldn't constrain emotions after Zakharchenko's death and at some point I have bothered all". Therefore also his following words, probably, it is worth perceiving taking into account not too friendly Strelkov's relations and убитого:Игорь Strelkov is the former Donbass commander "Within one-two weeks, I can't precisely tell any more, I obtained rather confidential information that Zakharchenko very much doesn't suit Moscow on a number of newly discovered facts". Throws with the same thought appeared on some Ukrainian websites in recent days. With different and quite strange justifications why to change Zakharchenko: whether, to return Donetsk under a shade of Kiev, whether because of discontent with methods of an expense of money. Whether emergence of such discharges coincidence was? These messages were seen also by the director of the Center of politological researches of the Financial university Pavel Salin: Pavel Salin the director of the Center of politological researches of Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation "It is very symptomatic that rumors have appeared in the summer, the truth in the Ukrainian press that Moscow is weighed upon Zakharchenko and looks for to him replacement. Different candidates sounded: first of all the scenario on a sample of LPR where conditionally civil Carpenter's the security officer Pasechnik has replaced was considered. There too sounded that such scenario can be realized that the security officer Diky — the Interior Minister, or mister Pushilin, conditionally civil, or intermediate security officer, but with very good public bek and abilities of the public politician mister Hodakovsky can replace Zakharchenko, figuratively speaking. So such figures are, and the further scenario of development of the DPR is connected with each of them: independent or as a part of new association of the DPR and LPR". Important point: in the fall in the DPR elections prepare, to get rid of Zakharchenko physically there was no sense, the head of the expert group "Crimean Project" Igor Ryabov:igor Ryabov the head of the expert group "Crimean Project" "is sure by Zakharchenko, maybe, and I didn't suit someone because he is a person the military. Very many means both internal are invested in the DPR, and the help to Russia goes which needs to be spent, and is necessary other power which is ready for the peace course, for development. And Zakharchenko, in principle, was ready to leave, a talk on elections went. This process, anyway, would lead to Zakharchenko's change. He as the person of such wartime had to leave sooner or later. Also no need rationally him was perfect in this regard to kill. If he showed obstinacy in the relations in elite there, it is not an occasion, as they say, Ube



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