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You look, envy. Why to foreigners the Russian citizenship for 50 million?

To the State Duma have suggested to legalize sale of citizenship of Russia for foreigners. As writes TASS, there are two options: to invest 50 million rubles in the Russian state papers or 70 million in certain innovative Russian developments. Whom and what can interest the offer in? Photo: Russians have so got used to the homeland that constantly forget about her advantages. Russia free of charge distributes the earth — the truth, only in the Far East. The Russian citizens can drive without visas to the CIS countries. Generally, Europeans too, but, unlike them, are completely open for Russians Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan. At last, in Russia a low personal tax — only 13%. If it is serious, from everything listed foreigners can interest really only taxes. In Eastern Europe they too low. For example, in Bulgaria of income only 10% — is even lower, than in Russia. For Western Europe where give a half of income to treasury, the offer of the State Duma can be relevant, the director of the Moscow office of the Tax Consulting UK company Eduard Savulyak:eduard Savulyak the director of the Moscow office of the Tax Consulting UK "Invest Money at Us, Having Received the Residence Permit or the Passport Here, Showing Some Income and Paying from Them 13%, at Least in Some Limited Temporary Interval, that is to Hang Out Specially in Russia Few Years Here to Declare Rather Large Income and Then to Return with This Income Conditionally to Itself to Germany — yes, It Can Be of Interest" company says. Englishman Luke Jones constantly lives and works in Russia, though remains the citizen of Great Britain. He is attracted too by 13%. He doesn't see other advantages. Education? But wealthy people already have him and are able to pay training of children. Far East hectare? But most of foreigners know about existence only of Moscow and St. Petersburg. Love to the President of Russia in which some eminent actors and athletes have spoken? But if to remember the same Depardieu's history, then initially he ran from the French taxes. And it is people well-known, Russia loves them. And what if the citizenship is obtained by the ordinary foreigner and there will be in the opinion of the law same, as well as other 146 million? There is the main danger, Luke Jones says: "It is possible to count from all foreigners whom I know in Russia on fingers those who exactly has obtained the Russian citizenship. Actually, it is already not so difficult to receive it. If you are married to the Russian, the real estate is bought, there are procedures. Many, honestly, are afraid because you will lose protection of the foreign passport. Are afraid, and suddenly Ivan Ivanovich has taken offense at me, will call someone and will create for me problems". From good in Russia still there is a high profitability. But those at whom is in rubles of 50 million and there can make investments in the Russian state papers. Yes they and do. Pensions and other social benefits will interest only the countries with very low standard of living, for example Central Asia. But with 50 million it is possible and there it is quite good to live. By the way, the price tag rather high: is е



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