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You drive to the city and you see that it is sick". Strange rust, rash, cough and panic in the Crimea

Locals report about promptly withering plants and a raid. In the Crimea have said that the reason, perhaps, should be looked for at the Titanic Investments plant. The situation was commented by the president of the Russian union of chemists who says that he in Soviet period was the director of this enterprise of the Photo: Twitter Strange rust everywhere, rash, cough and vomiting — in Armyansk has occurred emission of unknown chemical. After the power of the Crimea called a source of emission from which not less than a week the 20-thousand city suffers. The vice-chairman of Council of ministers of the Crimea Igor Mykhaylychenko has said that evaporation of contents of a kislotonakopitel at the Titanic Investments plant became the reason of loss of chemical in Armyansk. The prosecutor's office of Armyansk will take out idea of elimination of violations concerning the management of branch of the enterprise. Besides, the question of involvement of the enterprise to administrative responsibility is considered. Emission in Armyansk has happened on the night of August 24. In several days people began to spread in a social network pictures from the street and also the pictures taken at home, noting that the window has been just open. On them metal teapots, bread boxes, knives look as finds during excavation. Armyansk
Environmental disaster
Krom of "rust", a raid of some green
slime Smells suffocating
are a handle of a car — RoksolanaToday&Крым (@KrimRt) on August 27, 2018 Armyansk
Zavarnik on a window sill. The window has been open for
People by it breathe — RoksolanaToday&Крым (@KrimRt) on August 27, 2018. Here what to Business FM was told by the Crimean journalist Alexander Gornyy:aleksandr the Mining journalist "There were in network many photos where a metal object is covered with rust. Many objects: houses, gate, fences have been covered with oily some slime unclear too. And in these dates information that bushes, trees have pretty strongly suffered too, have whithered has appeared. Many inhabitants have noticed that they had had various symptoms: gripes in eyes, it is difficult to breathe. To asthmatics it was especially difficult. There was rash on hands. Some have begun to see doctors, but those could tell nothing to them because they didn't understand what occurs. It were cases pretty mass. The authorities of the Crimea were silent the first days. There were different versions. In the north of the Crimea there is "The Crimean titanium", the Brom and Krymskaya soda plant. Here analyses were carried out till yesterday, and, as far as I understand, there is no definite answer still that after all it was. Various versions, including the version according to which there was an evaporation from acid stores of "The Crimean titanium" are called, but people aren't satisfied with this answer too. That is there is no clear understanding that it, how harmfully in what dose all this has occurred. These days there was northern, northeast wind, and all cloud could move towards Simferopol and Yevpatoriya. Also there was information that residents of Simferopol felt some discomfortable feelings



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