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"You can pay once again". The situation with Rosstur becomes more and more disturbing

Irina Tyurina.
According to the press secretary of the Russian Union of Travel Industry (RUTI) Irina Tyurina, in the nearest future the company can declare termination of work Irina Tyurina. Photo: Yury by Mashkov/TASS It is updated in the 13:19press-secretary of the Russian Union of Travel Industry (RUTI) Irina Tyurina has told Interfax that the Rosstur company can declare termination of work in the nearest future. The reason — Rosstur isn't able to repay the debt to tour operators. Earlier work with this company which calls itself the center of booking of permits three large tour operators have stopped cooperation. The head of Rosstur Alexander Nedopolz has said that he has no money quickly to repay the debt to tour operators, and those don't want to grant him a delay. Because of it the tourists who have booked tours for dates after October 4 won't be able to go on the vacation. After that the head of Rossttur has emphasized that the company won't leave the market, and will continue activity not as tour operator, and as the agent. "Us want to force to the knees, but it won't be" — Nedopolz has told.
All this
— very bad symptoms, the press secretary of the Russian Union of Travel Industry Irina Tyurina Irina Tyurina the press secretary of the Russian Union of Travel Industry "Has explained when it has been declared that tour operators have stopped cooperation with Rosstur and there was a debt subject, mister Nedopolz began to say at once that he has financial guarantees that in the register of tour operators three legal entities "Rosstura", at everyone on 50 million rubles a financial guarantee. That is 150 million will be enough for compensation for all tourists who won't be able to use cancelled tours. Only financial guarantees can't join until tour operators announce an activity stop according to the law. Yesterday mister Nedopolz has told us that he is ready to announce an activity stop that the mechanism of financial guarantees has turned on. Today he has specified the statement that he will stop tour operator activity and will continue agency. A problem only that practically all activity of Rosstur is agency it didn't sell own tours. He sold tours of other tour operators, and this activity isn't insured. The tours sold thus aren't subject to compensation. He has specified that he will stop tour operator activity which he practically doesn't have if is, then minimum". Tourists have already begun to receive sad news that Rosstur hasn't paid their reservation from tour operators. The holiday is spoiled how to receive back money, it is unclear, Irina Zueva who with the spouse was going to go to Turtsiyu: says — We are just tourists, directly bought the permit to Turkey from the agency. Rosstur answers nothing to us because they say: "Communicate with the agencies". We bought the permit for six days, have paid it at once, in the same day when the agent has demanded from us, all, as a result, literally the day before yesterday have told us that we don't fly anywhere that "Pegasus" cancels all applications of Rosstur and if



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