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Windows 95 вернулась

It is possible to establish her on modern OSes by means of the special program. A number of programs of retrosystem, including a text editor of WordPad, the graphic editor Paint, the game "Sapper" and some other Photos is available to nostalgic users: Reuters Legendary Windows 95 has returned. The system is available on modern computers now. It has become possible thanks to the developer of the corporate Slack messenger Felix Rizberg. He has created the program allowing to install outdated Windows 95 on modern OSes. As writes the The Verge edition, the source code of the project and the instruction for installation have appeared in open access. Microsoft has released the Windows 95 system in August, 1995. Her support was stopped only in 16 years — so it was popular and convenient, the CEO of the analytical agency Telecomdaily Denis Kuskov: — the Windows Operating system with each new version, especially after Windows 7 says, I caused rather ambiguous reactions in users concerning opportunities and design. Many people have really got used to last versions of an operating system. These are people, probably, 40 years and is more senior. Really, there are certain conveniences, a question only that all Windows operating systems demand continuous updates. — How you think as far as it will be compatible to new computers? — It, in principle, quite really. If the programmer provided all necessary functions which were present at Windows 95, all this works. But I think that there will be rather segmented use. A certain number of people will use her, but it will be not such big quantitative characteristics as was in due time. — Why the choice has fallen on Windows 95? — The most popular versions of Windows were XP and 95 and after the Microsoft company has ceased to be engaged in updating and support of these versions, there was a need for reanimating them. Windows 95 as a peculiar call to developers was already started on the most different modern devices and platforms — from the smart watch Apple Watch and Android Wear to the game console Xbox One. Now a number of programs of retrosystem, including a text editor of WordPad, the graphic editor of Paint, the game "Sapper" and some other is available to nostalgic users. Programs work correctly. To add to your sources of news?



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