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Why Samoylova has declared determination to emigrate?

The singer has uploaded short video in which she has reported that she is ready to go to Europe and also a photo from the Sheremetyevo airport of Yuli Samoylov. Photo: Valery by Sharifulin/TASS It is updated in 13:04pevitsa Yulia Samoylova has declared desire to emigrate from Russia. According to her, she is ready to go to Europe. It has caused ambiguous reaction in network: someone has condemned the actress, and someone, on the contrary, has supported. In the morning on September 6 the performer has posted in Instagram a photo from the Sheremetyevo airport. To look at this publication in Instagrampublikation from Julia Samoylova/Yuli Samoylov (@jsvok) 5 Sep, 2018 at 7:06 A day earlier Samoylov has laid out a video with the message about what leaves Russia. Why, I haven't told to what country moves, I haven't specified. In the press service of the performer the 360 channel was told that will announce it later, and the questions connected with health became the reason of departure. Her agent has appeared it isn't aware of the events. As a result subscribers in Instagram have accused the singer of treachery. Many emphasize that in Russia she was made known, supported. Some nevertheless welcome her decision, noting what in Europe is to physically disabled people much easier, and she has the right to leave. Whether charges are fair whether Yulia will be able to construct musical career abroad and whether will lose the admirers? Here that the musical observer of the Moskovskij Komsomolets newspaper Artur Gasparyan:artur Gasparyan the musical observer of the Moskovskij Komsomolets newspaper "At us thinks the public likes to fall into negative reaction. I, for example, was a person who just very much negatively estimated in general the fact of this history with departure and with Yulya Samoylova's delegation on "Eurovision", as on the first Kiev where she hasn't got, and to Lisbon, but that's another story. And here now I don't see in general any reasons neither for a zlobstvo, nor for gloating because, as far as I understand, all this is connected with health. All of us know that there very difficult situation at the girl. And I so understand that just our medicine isn't really capable to struggle meanwhile with a disease, and, probably, some opportunities are found. Thank God, and God grant, that at her everything in this sense was good and she was on the mend. If the person has to go to undergo treatment abroad … we remember, Joseph Kobzon repeatedly went because our medicine wasn't capable to solve in any modern ways a problem. Therefore just to me a little all would be desirable to urge to relax in this situation, to cease to feel like participants of a certain agitprop. Not to tell that Yulya Samoylova, despite all history with "Eurovision", has found very large audience of admirers, potential audience — yes, but I don't think that she goes to Europe to be engaged in creativity". Attack the girl absolutely in vain, the producer Iosif Prigozhin:iosif Prigozhin the producer "Thank God and happiness considers that we in Russia have a possibility of the right for the choice, it also is democracy symbol — freedom of movement, сво



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