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Why do banks raise rates on deposits?

The average maximum rate at the end of August has sharply grown. The first percent were increased by Sberbank. Profitability on deposits has increased also in Rosselkhozbank and Alfa-Bank of the Photo: B of Russia has sharply grown an average maximum rate on deposits. According to Vedomosti, in the third decade of August she has flown up on 0,24 percentage points at once — up to 6,56% per annum. The last time the rate in the second decade of March was higher than this level. The take-off reason experts call actions of separate banks. The first I have raised rates of basic deposits in rubles and I have at the same time entered a seasonal deposit with rates, record for him, Sberbank. At the end of August percent on ruble deposits were increased also by Rosselkhozbank. What such actions of banks are connected with, the portfolio manager Alexander Krapivko explains: Alexander Krapivko the portfolio manager "Most likely, growth of rates on deposits is explained by the fact that large banks want to re-structure the liabilities a few. Now, when in the market of GKO-OFZ there is an outflow of funds, to borrow the population much more favourably, and these ideas on release of loans for the population were justified some time ago. Therefore now banks try to increase base of liabilities in all possible ways, including increase in appeal of rates from the population. As for growth of interest rates for the credits, it seems to me, now banks on the contrary look for good borrowers, that is, perhaps, it will be reflected in their percentage margin, but I don't think that rates on the credits will sharply grow". Earlier experts noted that after Sberbank and Rosselkhozbank also other credit institutions can raise the stakes on deposits. So, since September 3 Alfa-Bank has increased profitability on all line of deposits for natural persons in rubles and US dollars. To add to your sources of news?



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