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Who such clients-droppery and why the Central Bank has declared him war?

The regulator wants to make the new black list with data on assistants to hackers. It is about dropper — citizens and the companies into which accounts the stolen money of the Photo is withdrawn: the Central Bank will create the black list of bank clients — helpers of swindlers. To what accounts the stolen money was transferred will get to base. As Kommersant with reference to the draft of the order of the Bank of Russia writes, plans to create base of such clients of the Central Bank in September. If any bank has noticed the unauthorized translation, he has to report to the regulator the card number, an e-wallet, the mobile phone or the account of the payee.

of the Information about recipients of illegally written off money, so-called dropper, will transfer the Central Bank to other banks. If the credit institution finds in this base of the clients, then will have to limit to him a possibility of money transfer to other accounts and cash withdrawals in ATMs.

As envisioned by the regulator, creation of such base will help banks to counteract better swindlers, however experts consider that conscientious clients also can be included in the new black list. The CEO of the processing company Uniteller Alexey Bogatkin:aleksey Bogatkin the CEO of the processing company Uniteller "As for citizens, really comments, because of the general not really high level of financial literacy ordinary natural persons will be able to suffer, and to suffer enough for them unexpectedly and at all not to understand, where to run. If the payment comes to your card, a transfer from the map on the card about which you didn't know will be made, and after that will arrive to return you a call with a request this money and convincing arguments that the payment has been sent by mistake, I think that even you will begin to doubt that this money shouldn't be returned at all. Or, maybe, it is worth addressing to some bodies or to some service of some bank, especially the bank sender won't be known to you as the ordinary citizen, according to the card number with which a payment has been made, won't be able to define issuing bank of this card. Second example: purely theoretically your passport data can be available as a result of some legal operations and leakage of these data. Theoretically according to your passport it is possible to open the cash card, you don't even learn about it. And imagine if there is abroad a person and there even he has specially made several cards. Even if to block one, he will use another. But here it is about blocking and about restriction entirely of the natural person. That is even such way won't help to avoid threat to be left without money abroad". Meanwhile assure of the Central Bank that the order of maintaining base will be constructed so that as much as possible to reduce risks of wrong entering in the list of the conscientious client. To add to your sources of news?



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