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Whether there will be in Russia a uniform standard of a school uniform?

Roskachestva suggests to establish certain standards. Business FM has learned that parents and producers of clothes of the Photo think of this idea: Vitaly Timkiv / TASS What is "school uniform" — isn't registered anywhere, complain in Roskachestva and suggest to correct it. That everything was according to standards that the parent has come to shop and has precisely bought a school uniform, but not some abstract trousers with a jacket or a sundress. Trousers to become "school uniform", will have to conform to strict requirements to quality in such parameters as air permeability, durability, ability to change the sizes after washing and to form pellets. The Muscovite Arina exhausted with infinite disputes on a school uniform in a parental chat against introduction of the uniform standard: "I for that the school uniform was different and on design, and first of all on quality. There are parents who hold the opinion that the school uniform has to be obligatory from natural materials, it is better from qualitative wool. I think that the school uniform has to be fabric as it is much cheaper and simpler in leaving, more plain on the structure. Of course, synthetic fabrics very quickly become useless, but it is simpler to buy, in my opinion, and after two washings them to throw out a skirt or trousers, than to suffer with natural woolen fabric, to worry over whether the child of some fatal spot on this very expensive fabric has put. Generally, parents have to have a choice". The owner of sewing production "Sofiano" Olga Kosets calms: nobody is going to impose anything, the standard is necessary for clarification of the market from producers of low-quality clothes. Olga Kosets the owner of sewing production "Sofiano" "GOST carries a recommendatory, but not binding character. Roskachestvo registers certain regulations to which respectable business should adhere. In particular, to control quality of the production to provide our children with normal clothes of the Russian production in which they are nearly 80% of the life". By words Kosets, in the market of bellows the state has brought order. With introduction of marking and chips the smugglers and unfair competitors saving on quality have left. But fur coats is an individual choice, and the school uniform doesn't. Who will give guarantees that requirements to these clothes as a result won't become such that only one concrete factory belonging to mother or the father quite concrete, and in the long term very wealthy school student will be able to send away her. To add to your sources of news?



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