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What has occurred on the escalator in Rome? Story by fans

On the scene.
Fans of soccer have arrived to the capital of Italy on a match Roma — CSKA. The escalator has fallen upon stations of the Roman subway. What became the reason of state of emergency because of which dozens of fans have suffered? On the scene. Photo: Dozens of fans were damaged Yara Nardi/Reuters In the collapse of the escalator in Rome. The most part of hospitalized — the fans of the Russian football club CSKA who have arrived to a match with the Italian Roma. At night several operations have been performed, seven people are in a serious condition. State of emergency has happened at the central station "Repubblika", it is the deepest station of the Roman subway. The escalator has at great speed incurred people down, people literally poured at each other.

As was reported by the head of fire service Rima, the cause of the incident isn't established yet. However, as the mayor of the Italian capital with reference to eyewitnesses has said, the main version — wine of fans who jumped and chanted on the escalator, TASS reports.

If information is confirmed, it is only possible to make a helpless gesture, the correspondent of in Rome Evgeny Markov:evgeny Markov the correspondent of "Says what to tell? Absolutely egregious example. Actually, it is hard to say who needs to be blamed in this situation. I don't know as far as in Rome all is caused by safety measures as far as all escalators at them, but from our party too, of course, the wrong behavior of our football fans are checked by service regulations, it leaves much to be desired too: to jump crowd on the escalator, knowing that this obviously improper place". Blame for an incident on the Russian fans was laid also by the Interior Minister of Italy. "I consider that there were dozens of drunk pseudo-fans of the Russian team who have begun these disorders. Escalators aren't intended in order that on them jumped" — the minister and the head of far-right party "League" Matteo Salvini has said. His words are cited by the Italian media.Business of FM has contacted victims. The fan Denis denies that the escalator was shaken. "I was brought to clinic, sewn up — I had a laceration, have given the anesthetizing injection. Everything has passed normally. I was let out. Children from consulate have brought me home. No jumps, songs, any boozes existed. Have just come on the escalator. He was, as usual in Moscow, let us assume, in rush hour, that is usual load. At some point he has just begun without any reasons to accelerate. That is he has accelerated, then below here is how these fishechka would develop, and the batch has begun. As the escalator went quickly, people took off from it. I have managed to look to the left, there at two escalators: about a speed was [at ours] time in two quicker, than at usual". People literally poured at each other, the fan Konstantin tells: "Went quietly, without any songs, chants and so on. People were sober. Have come on the escalator without any excess gestures. Suddenly the escalator has begun to accelerate. At this moment I have noticed a difference of speeds between two escalators. I have looked down and I have already seen how from there people just take off the friend on



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