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"Voice" for those to whom for 60, "Boris Godunov" and new humour on "Russia 1". TV begins a teleseason

Sergey Bezrukov.
New series among which is very noteworthy the next political talk show, a show of "Quartet I" and they are Business FM has studied TV program Sergey Bezrukov. Photo: Sergey Savostyanov/TASS of the Big presentations wasn't, but the most anticipated prime ministers are known. "Voice" has got backs-offom in line with pension reform: for vocalists 60 is more senior. Leonid Agutin, Pelageya, the debutant of a show Lev Leshchenko and Valery Meladze will be mentors. His brother Konstantin will judge "Voice" for those who are younger, together with Basta, Ania Lorac and Sergey Shnurov. Besides, on Channel One promise to release, at last, series about androids "Better, than people" which several years want to show, but won't show everything in any way. On NTV from series the historical drama "And. L.Zh.I.R." with Ekaterina Guseva about the Stalin female camp, the drama "Copper Sun" with Mashkov and "Imperceptible" — about pickpockets from Odessa of 1958. Oksana Fandera and Yury Stoyanov play. But the most anticipated prime ministers will be on "Russia 1": Susanna Alperina the observer of Rossiyskaya Gazeta "I wait for series "Godunov". There Bezrukov plays Boris Godunov, and, in general, very good constellation of actors: there both Svetlana Hodchenkova, and Makovetsky. Very rich series, is enclosed in it much, there is a wish to look that it will be. I wait for series "Bad weather" by Sergey Ursulyuk, it too "Russia 1". According to the novel by Ivanov. There Makovetsky, Yatsenko play — I think that it will be very noticeable event of a season. TV-3 has declared interesting series too. In particular, series "Ordinary Woman" with Anna Mikhalkova. She plays allegedly the housewife who has the second life: she contains a brothel in the second life. And also TV-3 will release series "Dead Lake", and the leading role will be played there by Evgeny Tsyganov: the investigator from Moscow comes to the polar city and investigates murder of the daughter of the local oligarch". That to programs, on "First" the new daily talk show "Big Game" about a difference between the Russian and American mentality. From Russia — the Chairman of the State Duma Committee by training and science Vyacheslav Nikonov, from the USA — the head of the Center of national interests Dmitri Simes. On Russia-1 meanwhile a new talk show with Leonid Zakoshansky, a premiere of the program of Boris Korchevnikov about stars of the past and the most intriguing — "Masters of laughter". It seems, on the button approach humour less conservatively now, Sergey Efimov:sergey Yefimov of a zamredaktor of department of television of Komsomolskaya Pravda "In what the idea of this show says a zamredaktor of department of television of Komsomolskaya Pravda: it is a competition in which the beginning comedians and humorists will fight for a victory, and will choose jury in which there will be, for example, Urgant, but only not Ivan, but Andrey is his father, and Mikhail Galustyan, that is the person connected absolutely with other humour and, the main thing with other channel. You expect to see Mikhail on TNT, on the fleet, impudent, youth channel, and here suddenly "Russia 1" which just moves apart a framework and, probably, wants to fight for youth. Anyway I have such feeling that crisis on television



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