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"Very human person". Why has federal TV started transfer about Putin?

Vladimir Putin on vacation in Tyva.
According to the director of Institute of applied political researches Grigory Dobromelov, emergence of such program — the certificate that in domestic policy there are problems Vladimir Putin on vacation in Tyva. Photo: Alexei Nikolsky/Reuters Is updated in 13:43telekanal Russia-1 has started the new program with Vladimir Solovyov under the name "Moscow. Kremlin. Putin". The hour broadcast is completely devoted to work and leisure of the President of Russia. In the first release which came out in the evening on September 2, it was told about good physical shape of Vladimir Putin, the intense schedule of work, love of children and mitigation of pension reform. The main video — from rest of the president in Tuva: "What Putin wanted to make with cowberry"; "Shots which still nobody saw. 8 kilometers on the mountains"; Whether "Protected the president during the holiday on the wild nature?"; "Present and that, a bear the fool, perhaps, if he sees Putin?". The president's press secretary Dmitry Peskov called new transfer interesting attempt to show week of the head of state — as a result of both advance planning, and the emergency response to the events. Peskov has noted that Putin had an intense week and sad. It is connected with two tragic news: Joseph Kobzon's death and death of the head of the self-proclaimed DPR of Alexander Zakharchenko. Peskov has also told about how Putin made the decision to address on pension reform: he has made it instantly, the address has been written down just next day. At the same time the president, according to his press secretary, itself worked on the text, ruled him till the last moment. From the pleasant moments in graphics of the head of state — visit of the children's center "Sirius" in Sochi. Peskov has told about Putin's humanity. — Putin not only loves children, he in general loves people. He is very human person. It is valid what I see just every day. — Such a formulation I, apparently, already heard somewhere, about the most human person. — I in this case speak specifically about Putin, about my chief. Therefore here I have full authority to tell it. — Of course. Emergence of new transfer testifies to problems in domestic policy, the director of Institute of applied political researches Grigory Dobromelov considers. According to him, first of all is an attempt to smooth a negative around pension reform. Grigory Dobromelov the director of Institute of applied political researches "Actually, emergence of the similar program — a bad signal because when there isn't enough reality when there aren't enough serious administrative decisions, the media gun turns on. To that media down I joined only concerning the international agenda. Syria, Ukraine, the USA — here what was discussed on all TV channels, and first of all was shown how Vladimir Vladimirovich has worked. Now try to show his work on the internal front, his trips around the country. It means that with domestic policy there are serious problems". However the similar format is effective for the mass voter,



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