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Turkey transfers troops on border with Syria

The Turkish troops on border with Syria.
It can be connected with the fact that just about in Idlib operation of troops of Assad will begin. The UN warns that military operations in this province will lead to the most terrible humanitarian disaster in all seven years of the conflict the Turkish troops on border with Syria. Photo: Murad Sezer/Reuters Turkey transfers additional troops on border with Syria. The Anatoliysky news agency reports about it. It is obvious that it becomes because of operation of the Syrian government forces in Idlib which just about will begin. The UN states that the military operation in this Syrian province can lead to the most terrible humanitarian disaster in all seven years of civil war. Damascus answers it that it will make everything to minimize damage to civilians. From the point of view of Russia, it is about dissociation of terrorists from opposition now. At the same time Russia announces the preparing provocation with use of chemical weapon of which are going to accuse Damascus. It was once again declared by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov after the meeting with the Syrian colleague Waleed Muallemom:sergey Lavrov the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation "The next such provocation prepares to try to complicate anti-terrorist operation in Idlib. We with the facts on a table, through our Ministry of Defence, through the MFA have accurately and rigidly warned our western partners that they didn't play with fire. Instead of unilateral geopolitical projects we call all, including the Arab countries, including Europe, including the USA to combine efforts to provide peace, stable Syria". Earlier the Foreign Minister of Russia, commenting on a situation in Idlib, I have expressed the need to liquidate the terrorist "abscess" created there. The Syrian Minister of Foreign Affairs Walid Muallem has said that Great Britain, the USA and France try to organize aggression against Syria with the purpose to save fighters of Jabhat al-Nusra (it is forbidden in the Russian Federation — the Edition). But, irrespective of whether Washington will put and its allies strike against Syria, having accused Damascus of use of chemical weapon again, Assad's troops will go up to the end in liberation of Idlib. To add to your sources of news?



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