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Trump's adviser for national security: Russia "has got stuck" in Syria

John Bolton.
According to John Bolton, it gives to Washington pressure levers at negotiations with Moscow. He has added that the USA is ready to discuss aspects of settlement in Syria on condition of withdrawal from the country of the Iranian forces John Bolton. Photo: The Adviser to the U.S. President for national security John Bolton has told Abir Sultan/Reuters in an interview to Reuters agency about pressure upon Russia which has "got stuck" as he has said, in Syria. According to him, Moscow expects that the European Union will undertake obligations for financing of Syria. Statements were heard on the eve of the meeting of the adviser of Trump on national security with the Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Nikolay Patrushev. "I don't think that they like to be there. Judging by their violent diplomatic activity in Europe, they want to find someone who will defray restoration of Syria" — Bolton has said. Whether it is possible to tell that Russia "has got stuck" in Syria and conducts "violent" diplomatic activity? This question was answered by the Americanist, the corresponding member of Academy of military sciences Sergey Sudakov: Sergey Sudakov is an Americanist, the corresponding member of Academy of military sciences "the USA at any cost wants to show that Russia — the loser country which couldn't conduct a brilliant military campaign in Syria. I believe that they take as a basis the experience of stay in Vietnam and in Afghanistan since 2000. A problem not only that Russia solves tactical problems which gradually pass in strategic, and that the USA behind these words tries to rearrange the forces in Syria". Official reaction of Moscow to remarks of the adviser of Trump for national security didn't arrive, but RIA Novosti was published by the words of a certain high-ranking source. "Would like to remind John Bolton: if someone has also got stuck, then it is just that country, safety which he is engaged now. The USA has really stuck in Iraq and Afghanistan" — the agency cites. Reuters writes that Bolton has evaded the question about whether he will continue the Pentagon to support Kurds in northeast regions of Syria. According to Trump's adviser, the USA interests two things: final deprivation of the Islamic State group of territories forbidden in Russia in Syria and the solution of a question of presence in the country of the Iranian forces. About need of external financing of restoration of Syria it is possible to agree with Bolton's remarks partially, the CEO of the Russian council for the international affairs Andrey Kortunov:andrey Kortunov the CEO of the Russian council for the international affairs "Considers history shows that Russia wins wars, but loses the world. She can achieve a military victory together with the allies, but doesn't possess resources to provide successful and rather fast post-conflict restoration of the country. Expenses will be very considerable. There are different estimates, it is about hundreds of billions of dollars. It is natural that neither Russia, nor at Iran, nor at Turkey has no such resources. From the point of view of Trump, it is not a really perspective object for ин



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