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Today the international hockey season starts

Arena of Hartvall-arena stadium. Archive.
The strongest teams of the Old World open the first stage Evrotura — Karyal's Cup. Russian national team under the leadership of Ilya Vorobyov will come to Hartvall-areny ice in Helsinki to try forces with hosts of the tournament Finns the Arena of Hartvall-arena stadium. Archive. Photo: Zuma/TASS For the first time for several years as a part of the national team representatives at once nine clubs. The St. Petersburg soldier Evgeny Ketov is appointed the captain. On the trainer's bridge again of change — the federation didn't begin to prolong the contract with the coach of CSKA Igor Nikitin which worked with players of обороны.Нет in the application and the best sniper of the championship of KHL Anton Burdasov, but again in a holder the talented center forward Maxim Shalunov whom Oleg Znarok "has unhooked" from the Olympic team of Pyeongchang at the last minute. Again Russian national team is flown by by Vladimir Tkachyov, the leader of club — the owner of the Gagarin Cup. Also the forward of CSKA Sergey Andronov and also star forwards of SKA Nikita Gusev and Pavel Datsyuk haven't departed to Helsinki. Here the reason is prosy: possibilities of these masters are well-known, him have just allowed to put the health in order. The head coach Ilya Vorobyov is a part-time worker, heading, except national team, also SKA St. Petersburg.

the Cup Formula Karyala is traditional: a circular tournament, four participants — everyone with everyone. After Finland we are waited by a December Cup of Channel One and also tournaments in the Czech Republic and Sweden. Points are summarized, and at the end of a season the winner is defined. Prize fund symbolical: the champion Evrotura will receive 120 thousand euros; it is much more important to carry out sparrings with the strongest national teams of the world. By tradition the tournament will last four days: the second round will take place on Saturday, the third — on Sunday. Today's duel with Finns will begin at 19:30, but it won't be seen by the audience of any federal channel, and games of Russians during week-end against Sweden and the Czech Republic will be sent live by Match-TV. To add to your sources of news?



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