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To officials — attention, you are removed. Georgy Bovt's comment

Georgy Bovt.
On the employee of Rosgvardiya who beat the pregnant woman and used against her the stun gun opened case after videos of incident extended in соцсетсях Georgy Bovt. Photo: Mikhail of Fomichev/TASS Management of SK across the Irkutsk region initiated proceedings on the article "abuse of office" (Art. 286 of UK) against the employee Rosgvardiya who beat and used the stun gun against the pregnant woman in construction hypermarket "Lerua Merlen". It was suspected that it and her spouse wanted to steal a bulb. Video of incident was distributed in social networks. According to Georgy Bovt, we faced the new public phenomenon. If not the video widespread in social networks, still is unknown, investigating authorities would react to the Irkutsk incident or would rumple it. It happened still on September 28, and proceedings are initiated only after there were information noise and scandal. It is more and more such cases in our life. We live in conditions of new information reality, however not all authorities, as well as at all not all who break the law, got used to it. Not registered media, and social networks and also which are formally forbidden in the territory of Russia, but not blocked Telegram channels become the trigger mechanism for official response to these or those violations, offenses or crimes even more often. Earlier, say, in Soviet period the publication in the press, especially in such solid editions as the Pravda, Izvestia or "The literary newspaper" instantly caused reaction of the authorities, and if it is necessary, then and competent authorities. Now, first, many officials, politicians and security officers so got used to live by the principle "spit in eyes — all God's dew" that on publications in media, especially limited practically ceased to pay attention. Like, all this "paid journalism". Besides, many media as regards exposing publications samoudushitsya by self-censorship for a long time. Even when this is not about purely political risk which very few people venture now, all the same editions take into account thousands of different other reasons for which this or that dependence on the administration of appropriate level can be the main thing. In this sense of media are more dependent whereas social networks, blogs and especially Telegram channels in this plan actually undertake more and more that role of "fourth estate" more independent of similar controls which representatives of the registered media refused — or took away it from them. At the same time also some kind of symbiosis between media, on the one hand, both social networks and Telegram channels works with another. The first often willingly pick up this or that scandalous or exposing information which for the first time appeared in social networks. First, it is already thrown in information space so risk be partly divided by the pioneer upon the reference to the source. Secondly, and these main, any media will never be able to create so extensive own correspondent network which would be compared on number to Paul



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