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To leave it is impossible to remain. The partner on "Nord Stream — 2" Uniper concern has made self-contradictory statements

At first the finance director hasn't excluded that the German company will leave the project of construction of the gas pipeline because of the American sanctions. Then the head of Uniper has assured that the concern will fulfill obligations. How to understand it? Photo: Thilo Schmuelgen/Reuters Nobody doesn't leave anywhere. The German concern Uniper fulfills the obligations on "Nord Stream — 2" and is convinced of advantage of the project. It is said in the statement of the head of the company Claus Schaefer which to TASS was transferred by the press service of Uniper. At the same time he has said that he with concern watches "a present sanctions spiral in world politics". "In the light of possible consequences for our financial participation in the project we analyze the current political, legal and economic events" — Schaefer has added. Earlier finance director of Uniper didn't exclude that the company can leave "Nord Stream — 2" because of the American sanctions. Whether the European participants of the project have an occasion to be afraid of them? Opinion of the leading analyst of Fund of a national energbezopasnost Igor Yushkov: Igor Yushkov is the leading analyst of Fund of a national energbezopasnost "I think, just this uncertainty which arises around the project, that is sanctions will be imposed, won't be as to react to them, generates here such self-contradictory statements from the company. That is, in fact, they say that if sanctions enter, then we will submit to them, but at the same time we oppose these sanctions because just this project is necessary. He is economic, but not political and so on. To Uniper to make a complaint, as well as to other five European participants of the project, it is quite difficult because here Americans get to a trap of own actions. Earlier they tried to stop the project others hands, and they have asked that the Polish antimonopoly authority has forbidden to create joint venture, that is at five European companies had to be on 10% of operator company from "Nord Stream — 2". But at the same time because the Polish anti-monopolists have blocked the similar company, at us all 100% belong to Gazprom. And five European companies have just allocated the credits to Gazprom and have received as a deposit under these credits 100% of stocks of the operator "Nord Stream — 2", that is the owner leaves Gazprom, and they have just pledges. Therefore here, actually, still it is necessary to prove that they in general participate in this project". How serious the threat of the American sanctions for the European partners of Gazprom is? The chairman of the board of the Moscow legal agency Alexey Linetskiy:aleksey Linetsky the chairman of the board of the Moscow legal agency "Answers introduction of the American sanctions against the legal entity means very serious consequences for him as nobody wants to risk. First of all, banks which are served by this or that legal person as soon as see the legal person in these lists don't want to understand especially, just block all operations, close accounts, and such legal person, such company appears actually



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