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"They not quite understood what they will face here". Correspondence of the journalists who have died in the CAR is published

It is about Telegram chat which copies have appeared on the website of the FANNS. Correspondence raises many questions, but selection of the so-called fixer — the local assistant whose figure on similar trips often happens key the Photo most of all surprises: AGN "Moscow" Is published correspondence of the journalists who have died in Africa which was conducted before their trip. It is about Telegram chat which copies have appeared on Monday, August 27, on the website of the Federal news agency belonging to Evgeny Prigozhin. Allegedly of his private military company by request of the Central Management of Investigations (CMI) the dead Orhan Jemal, Alexander Rastorguyev and Kirill Radchenko also have gone a month ago to investigate activity. IMC — the edition which is financed by Mikhail Khodorkovsky. Before it had no experience of business trips of correspondents in hot spots, and here at once — to one of the most dangerous places of the planet. Question of that, how carefully the business trip of correspondents of IMC to the Central African Republic has also honestly been prepared, a month it is violently discussed in journalistic community.

of Questions is a lot of. For example, follows from correspondence that only one of journalists had a health insurance. However, the editorial office disproves it now and says that all had it. At the same time it is about three thousand rubles for everything, and the sound professional journalistic insurance easily can cost about six thousand a day. History with journalistic certificates which were supposed to be burned then is absolutely unclear. With the tourist, but not journalistic visa. But the most important — absolutely careless looks approach to selection of the so-called fixer — the local assistant whose figure on similar trips often happens key. Jemal's group couldn't meet him. And this fixer, for example, had to choose safe housing for journalists. "Correspondence between the journalists Orhan Jemal, Alexander Rastorguyev and Kirill Radchenko and staff of the Investigations Management Centre killed in the Central African Republic original, but it is received in the illegal way. To draw from her some conclusions simply absurdly" — the editor-in-chief of IMC Andrey Konyakhin has told Dozhd TV channel.
wasn't succeeded to phone to him Business FM.
But was succeeded to contact the independent journalist Denis Tarasov who as a part of the group which is brought together by Federal news agency is in the Central African Republic now with the purpose to investigate death of colleagues. To work in this country it is very difficult, Denis Tarasov says. Denis Tarasov is an independent journalist "To work in the CAR not easy. And it is connected not only with features of local mentality and a way of life. But, first of all, with a security concern because even in the green zone controlled by the government, even in Bangui in the capital, nobody can guarantee to you that you won't be attacked. People, in general, make contact not bad. Here it is quite possible to work from the point of view of communication with usual



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