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"There are old men, all there". In Ingushetia — mass protests

Protests in Magas.
Residents of Ingushetia came to a protest action to the building of parliament of the republic in Magas after the adoption of the agreement on border with Chechnya Protests in Magas. Photo: Instagram Residents of Ingushetia left to the parliament building in Magas, contracts on administrative border with Chechnya dissatisfied with signing. Security officers evacuate deputies, at the building firing is heard. As writes RBC with reference to the chairman of local office of Yabloko, to the moment when there was a head of the republic Yunus-bek Evkurov, the empty bottle then security officers have opened fire in air has departed to him from crowd.

of Protesters is accompanied by mounted police. Participants of a meeting have brought with themselves flags of Ingushetia. Here that the correspondent of State TV and Radio Broadcasting Company Ingushetia Marina Barkinkhoyeva:marina Barkinkhoyeva the correspondent of State TV and Radio Broadcasting Company Ingushetia "Has told Business FM about 30 thousand people since morning left to parliament to express discontent with signing of the agreement. There are old men, everything, not just someone there. From each surname, there were all teypa Ingush, all this becomes within the law. As speak, have opened fire in air, but anyway, I so understand, the people aren't going to leave from there. Naturally, all categorically against that lands were transferred. It is about that deputies didn't sign the agreement. As I was told, there were Evkurov and the Prime Minister to the people, but their didn't begin to listen already, it seems, have put them in the car, they have driven off from there". Deputies of People's assembly of Ingushetia have approved the agreement on establishment of administrative border of the republic with Chechnya. Have come 25 deputies to the meeting, from them 17 have voted, three have acted against, five have refrained. The border between Chechnya and Ingushetia remained not settled from disintegration of the Soviet Union. At the end of September Ramzan Kadyrov and Yunus-bek Evkurov have signed the document on equivalent exchange of not populated territories. Ingushetia has transferred lands Chechnya of the Sunzha district, having received the similar area in the Nadterechny region of Chechnya. However activists claim that exchange isn't equivalent. Members of public organizations noted that repartition of border will affect inhabitants of a mountain part of Ingushetia. Besides, in the territory which will be transferred to Chechnya is many monuments of historical and cultural value and also the preserved oil field. To add to your sources of news?



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