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Date: 4 weeks ago   Category: Finances

The weak ruble is favorable to the Ministry of Finance. Whether to wait for devaluation?

The Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov has explained why it is impossible to predict ruble exchange rate, and has reported that the government prepares measures for protection against new sanctions. What measures and what will be with national currency are? Photo: Grigory of Sobchenko/ Is such old quote which was provided in one of the books by Warren Buffett: "Deceives as the Minister of Finance on the eve of devaluation". And so, Anton Siluanov this way didn't begin to act. He has just reported that nobody can foresee ruble exchange rate. "You will never guess, as well as any ordinary people" — Siluanov has predicted to journalists. Because the national currency depends on the American sanctions, on moods, on risks and so on. And nevertheless, apparently, there are people who can if not to foresee a course then to present in what party there will be a movement. Also they work in the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank. Last week the regulator for the benefit of financial department has begun purchase of currency. And the course has sharply gone down. The dollar has stepped for a mark of 69 rubles, and the Central Bank has stopped purchases. The ruble has gone up. And business was not in sanctions, and that the government uses weak ruble and expensive oil for filling of the budget. Also time to speak has come, the CEO Fonda of national energy security Konstantin Simonov says: Konstantin Simonov the CEO of National Energy Security Fund "Explain to us that the ruble is the ordinary market tool that it is subject to influence of speculators, risks that the ordinary person isn't able to define his course at all. And let he doesn't even try to make it because he isn't present any it seems here as there is no decision of the government, any intrigues connected with policy of the Central bank here. There are elements market where it will bring, not clearly therefore don't try, dear citizens to predict in what direction the ruble will move". By the way, concerning foreigners Siluanov has told too: imposition of sanctions has changed moods of investors which have begun to leave the Russian assets. It not absolutely so. For example, for last week inflow of foreign money to us has made nearly 100 million dollars, Kommersant has reported. The problem is that it is the hot speculative capital and in case of the new serious package of sanctions this money also quickly and will leave. Whether will enter him — a big question. One of horror stories — sanctions against the Russian national debt. They were already tried to be entered in the spring, but then the American Ministry of Finance has acted against. The weight of evidence suggests that there will be no it and now. Though up to the end it is impossible to be sure, the asset manager of the International fund of private investments Alexander Dushkin:aleksandr Dushkin the asset manager of the International fund of private investments "Says good news is that the Russian economy was really more or less steady in relation to sanctions, but who has told that these sanctions were the last. And the problem is in what, maybe, will manage today, but whether will manage tomorrow? The problem is that a trajectory of development of the situation — on deterioration and as п



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