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The USA freezes cooperation with Russia within the Contract on the open sky

This measure will work until Moscow returns to his observance, it is told in the text of the American defensive budget. The document was signed by the leader of the United States Donald Trump of the Photo: Public Domain the United States freeze cooperation with Russia within the Contract on the open sky. In the text of the defensive budget of the country which was signed by the U.S. President Donald Trump, it is said that this measure will work until then, "so far Moscow won't return to his observance". Writes RIA Novosti about it. Participants of this agreement have the right to fly about territories of each other for control of military activity. Now to the Pentagon funds won't be allocated for these purposes. In turn, the Russian side says that it strictly carries out the Contract on the open sky, and charges of the USA absolutely unreasonable. The First Deputy Chairman of the Committee of the Federation Council on defense and safety Evgeny Serebrennikov speaks: — Russia has completely fulfilled the contractual obligations and promises. Another thing is that the American side doesn't want to accept them, but it is just a reason for further work. I don't know what here to connect with. What it will end with, we won't guess. We will hope that the sober heads will prevail. The hope turns out a little ephemeral because on many positions already we don't find mutual understanding. — media write that the USA insists on that the American observers flew over Moscow, the Kaliningrad region and Chechnya. We don't resolve it? — We passed all this. Including the American observers were present at process of destruction of chemical weapon which has taken place successfully and has been finished by the Russian side. Unlike the American side which till today's time hasn't fulfilled the contractual obligations. Therefore I don't think that Russia will go to it once again. The State Department of the USA has officially accused Russia of breach of contract about the open sky in June of last year. It was talked of restriction of flights over Moscow, the Kaliningrad region, Chechnya and also over the areas bordering on Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Besides, according to Washington, Moscow has no right to use information obtained during flights in the prospecting purposes. The Pentagon repeatedly said that the Russian planes thanks to the installed latest equipment can receive more intelligence information, than it is necessary to them. Here what last year as reports to Fox News, was said by the director of Intelligence service of the Ministry of Defence of the USA lieutenant general Vincent Styuart:vinsent Stewart the director of Intelligence service of the Ministry of Defence of the USA "I am convinced that processing of pictures with application of digital means allows Russia to receive surprisingly valuable intelligence information about crucial elements of infrastructure: bases, ports, all our objects. I would be very glad if Russian haven't allowed to apply such opportunities". The last inspection flight has made the Russian military Tu-154 plane at the beginning of August of last year: in particular, he for the first time in the history of the Contract on the open sky



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