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The traffic police has decided to frighten drivers of the first grader's portrait

Such "road objects" have appeared in several districts of Chelyabinsk. Have attached the image of the schoolgirl to the sign of the crosswalk to the utmost of the Photo: Is updated in 12:48srazu in several districts of Chelyabinsk traffic inspectors have attached the image of the schoolgirl to the sign "crosswalk" to the utmost. In hands at the girl — a bouquet of flowers. As envisioned by traffic police it has to guard drivers and force to dump speed on a zebra. Upon — drivers complain that such non-standard decision creates a dangerous situation on the road. The producer of Business FM (Chelyabinsk) Tatyana Shaburova tells: Tatyana Shaburova is a producer of Business FM (Chelyabinsk) "It is at once bewilderment, surprising because it is visible that it is the model that it is in general a banner. That is there are no "special effects", it is visible that it is a fanerka. I have thought at first that, maybe, it is advertizing of flower shop because the girl with a bouquet of flowers. But I couldn't understand in any way that it in order that drivers have pricked up the ears and have reduced speed. That is yes, it attracts attention, but I don't know whether safety will improve it or not. Actually, probably, depends on a situation on the road because somehow at me so it turned out, it was lucky that there were no traffic jams, and I went one on this road and have seen. Yes, I was surprised. It is possible when it is necessary to make quickly the decision, it can really confuse". The project manager of Konstantin Abdullaev considers that it would be more effective to deliver a cardboard figure of the employee Gibdd:konstantin Abdullaev to project hukovoditel "Such measure doesn't promote traffic safety. From my point of view, it will distract the driver from driving, to provoke road accident if the driver sharply slows down, and behind him the going driver won't manage to orient. If have put a figure of the traffic police officer, it would be more effective because here the signal of danger, braking works already at once". Also users of social networks have burst in criticism to traffic police. "I because of this picture slightly under the truck haven't flown" — I have written one. "Over time on this place will cease to pay attention. Once instead of this picture the body "live" will begin to move and will get under the wheels" — another is sure.

Also drivers note that the big photo of the girl closes itself real pedestrians. To add to your sources of news?



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