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The State Office of Public Prosecutor has demanded to open cases on the staff of colony where Tsepovyaz sits

Earlier on media pictures in which the convict eats crabs and caviar in colony have dispersed. The ex-wife Tsepovyaza has said that she showed pictures to law enforcement officers, however as they have got to the Internet, she doesn't know the Photo: Mikhail by Pochuyev/TASS It is updated in 14:51sotrudniki colonies where the member "gangs Tsapkov" Vyacheslav Tsepovyaz feasted, can be brought to justice. The State Office of Public Prosecutor demands to initiate proceedings against officials of colony in the Amur region under the articles "abuse" and "abuse of office".

the State Office of Public Prosecutor has stated that check has found a number of violations. For example, Tsepovyaz was illegally transferred to the facilitated serving sentence conditions: he had free access to service premises, used fixed telephone communication, corresponded by means of the SMS with relatives. Additional appointments gave him plus though earlier he had outstanding disciplinary punishments.

of Tsepovyaz have sent to the penal isolation center, report in the Public Monitoring Commission (PMC) across the Amur region. However, the reason is unknown, the chairman of PMC of the region Natalya Okhotnikova who communicated with Tsepovyaz about three weeks назад: says — I was reported by the lawyer that he was translated. — And you communicated with him before? — Yes. — What he said to you in what conditions he contains? — Conditions are usual, everything, as in ordinary colony: any privileges, any rooms for the VIP. The usual colony with usual barracks, one beds, curbstones, windows, is one TV on group, a toilet, and all. — How then to explain photos where he crabs eats? — Photos for the 2015th and 2016, there is a service check, public prosecutor's, only after that it will be possible to comment on something and to give a reality. — Now appears actively everywhere: the wife transferred money that to him have improved conditions. About it you can tell something? — There are family trials, courts, maybe, each other want to salt. The authenticity of photos is verified. — In this connection you to him went? — Just with family trials, he has written the application that we in case it is required to him, have rendered any help. — What was he afraid of? — She threatened him therefore he has written the application that we controlled his keeping in colony. — What did she threaten him with how she can do much harm remotely to him? — She came to him, then they communicated when judicial proceedings have gone. — Can you, in return, somehow secure him if it so, that is she promised him to harm somehow? — Well not protection, but control, of course, according to our legislation, we can carry out. Therefore if he addresses us that we have rendered him control, or check some public, or still something, we can organize it. — Now she continues to keep to him the appointment and to communicate with him? — No. The day before in FSIN have confirmed authenticity of a photo with Tsepovyaz which are dated 2015. In one picture the man sits at a table and eats crabs, stands bank of caviar nearby and the m lies



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