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The sign "Disabled person" and innovation from Ministry of Labor: nothing changes, except a form?

As already I told Business FM, now this sign will be appropriated not to the car, and to be given to the specific person. Everyone will have the identification number. What will change and why these changes were necessary? Photo: Alexander Shcherbak / TASS of the Innovation are called to facilitate life to disabled people. Earlier they could use the free parking only when were at a wheel or in salon of a car to which this privilege has been assigned. Now disabled people aren't tied to the concrete car. Free of charge they can park on any car — the main thing that the necessary document was at itself. But what to do with Parkon? How the automatic system will define that the car can be parked free of charge if the privilege isn't tied to her number any more? The Center of the Organization of Traffic (COT) couldn't answer this question, having advised to address the Administrator of the Moscow parking space. There have told that for them nothing changes as nobody rewrote traffic regulations, earlier nobody evacuated disabled people, and penalties if the sign is attached illegally, wrote out traffic police. The state traffic inspectorate has sent behind explanations to Ministry of Labor. However, and there it wasn't succeeded to receive the intelligible answer. Here that the head of Federal bureau of medico-social examination Mikhail Dymochka has told Business FM: Mikhail Dymochka head of Federal bureau of medico-social examination "Same powers already territorial subjects of the Russian Federation and traffic police. There are no such comments from them. But as far as I from the legal point of view understand, all the same. Here you, let us assume, somewhere are registered. You also continue by it to use. The only thing if the employee approaches, should be shown the certificate of disability and the passport that it was possible to compare passport data to what in the certificate of disability is written. Because the norm is attached to the person now, but not to the car". Also it isn't clear when the new norm comes into force. In the document of Ministry of Labor on it nothing is told. It turns out that it is possible to go as well as earlier, the autolawyer Sergey Radko says. Sergey Radko is an autolawyer "In the statutory act of Ministry of Labor there is no word about what to do with already available signs. It is possible to assume that with them it isn't necessary to do anything, and with them it is possible to go as it is demanded by traffic regulations. As changes aren't made to traffic regulations, there is still written that this sign is established on the car operated by the disabled person or transporting such disabled people. There is no other order of receiving and installation of the sign there. Therefore the traffic police officer has no right to check where we have received this sign, on what basis and so on". The first deputy chairman of State Duma Committee on the constitutional legislation, the chairman of interregional public organization of motorists "Freedom of choice" Vyacheslav Lysakov in an innovation of Ministry of Labor doesn't see any sense. Vyacheslav Lysakov first deputy chairman of State Duma Committee on the constitutional legislation, chairman of interregional public organization of motorists "Svob



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