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The Russian airlines will stop work because of plans of Ministry of Transport?

The Siberia airline has warned about a possible stop of their activity because of plans of Ministry of Transport to oblige to store carriers data of passengers on the Russian servers of the Photo: the Russian airlines can stop work because of plans of Ministry of Transport. He wants to transfer to Russia servers for booking, sale of tickets and for registration for flight. Providers of booking systems will probably oblige to be the Russian legal persons. And all this, according to plans of Ministry of Transport, by 2020. As write Vedomosti, such measures will lead to crash of the Russian air transportation, the CEO of Siberia airline Vladimir Objedkov has assumed. The company is included into S7 Group.

Now three largest Russian airlines — Aeroflot, S7 and Ural Airlines — use services of the European and American providers. The Victory low-coster cooperates with Americans. All other domestic airlines work with Russian Sirena-travel. the Leading analyst of the Russian Association for Electronic Communications Karen Kazaryan doesn't understand

why Ministry of Transport deals with an issue of providers: as the regulator of the relations in the field of personal data the Ministry of Communications acts. — the Systems connected with exchange of information on booking about passengers, are allocated under operation of the law on personal data practically and lie in the sphere of separate international agreements, Russia is a signer. Attempts of Ministry of Transport somehow it is possible to get into this system, in my opinion, to explain only the fact that there is some great desire to saw money for construction of a certain Russian booking system. — Whether there is a probability that foreign providers with whom the Russian companies cooperate after all are localized in Russia? — They can localize some number of data, but there are international treaties. They won't follow the legislation specially. When the global system works at the infrastructure, any transfers and control of work of system for the new place are risks and expenses. The Russian providers rather good and qualitative, problems at them two. The first — the fact that they are in Russia and the various additional legislation begins to act on them, and safety issues too these clients. The second — questions of reliability and scalability. At us exists not so much cloud providers who provide to the service contract the sufficient level of reliability for similar systems. Besides, Aeroflot and S7 are included into global aviation alliances Sky Team and One World, and the Russian systems have no functionality now to ensure functioning in alliances. Upon transition to the Russian providers foreign partners won't be able to sell to

tickets for internal flights of the same S7. Thus, in a year only one this company will lose not less than 5 billion rubles. For foreign providers the Russian market isn't so big to create here the data-centers. Therefore expenses on their construction or rent if that, will lay down on domestic airlines, speaks and



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