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The representative of the company — the owner of "North" confirmed that the captain came back home

"For us it also became a pleasant surprise" — the press secretary of fishing collective farm of a name Anna Shevelyova told On the First of May Business FM to the Photo: State Border Guard Service of Ukraine It is updated in 12:19kapitan the Crimean vessel "North" arrested by Ukraine Vladimir Gorbenko returned to the Crimea. The health is normal, it is at home, in Kerch, returned on Saturday, February 9, mother Evgenia Gorbenko reported it. According to the woman, the seaman nobody offended. He asked not to ask questions. The main thing that it is alive and healthy. Last week the police of Ukraine put the captain of the arrested Russian seiner on the wanted list as missing person. In Ukraine in connection with disappearance of the seaman opened criminal case under article "premeditated murder". Gorbenko's lawyers did not exclude participation of the Security Service of Ukraine in his disappearance.

the Message of mother about return of the son appeared in the morning on February 11. In the same day the first interview of Vladimir Gorbenko to Komsomolskaya Pravda was published (Crimea). The seaman told that he weans from continuous shadowing, however, did not explain where he was since the end of January when ceased to contact the family and lawyers. "In ten months in Ukraine uncertainty was the heaviest, than all this will end and when. There was an investigation, article one, another. Lawyers were afraid that they somehow can turn business on article for high treason, 111 Criminal codes. It is more rigid, to court it is impossible to be at liberty, anyway the pre-trial detention center. Believed that justice will triumph. Honestly fulfilled the duties of the captain of the vessel, caught fish on permission. Support was felt from Crimeans, from Russians".

"The Ukrainian law enforcement authorities did not make physical impact. People are adequate, understood that this political case. Suggested to admit guilt, without bringing the matter to court, to receive the Ukrainian passport and to come back home on it. On it the emphasis was placed that I had to return by the Ukrainian passport. But I came back home by the Russian passport". "When I was released from the pre-trial detention center on bail, one of obligations was to be every Monday to the investigator. Handed the whole packs of the agenda. Though I said at once that I under the 63rd article of the constitution of Ukraine will not give against myself any evidences. And therefore morally pressed. Do not you want so? Means, go to us every day, and it means, it is necessary to live in Kherson and to remove housing. On the street summer, and from Mariupol to Kherson 200 kilometers. The road occupies hour four in one party — in closeness". In an interview to Russia-24 TV channel the captain told that it had no restrictions for return, and the Ukrainian law enforcement authorities did not make physical impact on it. There was it allegedly at relatives in Melitopol - it is the Zaporozhye region. However, it is unclear why it then was in search and did not contact relatives since the end of January. "For the last two months business by and large clogged. The investigation was completed, there are no obligations on me any, in that чис



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