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The new conflict in Tretyakov gallery, or more than one not to gather!

This time attendants of the museum have suspected family with friends of holding an illegal excursion — the woman told about technology of production of frames and aging of a picture. Despite explanations, protection has shown the door visitors of the Photo: Vyacheslav of Prokofiev/TASS New conflict in the Tretyakov gallery. The visitor of the museum has been forced to leave him as discussed exhibits with the children. Alla Zelenin wanted to tell them about pictures of the period of the beginning of the XX century and "The world of art". Protection has forwarded them to an exit. The similar conflict has taken place at the beginning of July when teachers of an istfak of MSU have brought into the museum of the students. Museum workers then have considered discussion of pictures a "illegal" excursion. Historians then have appealed in the Ministry of Culture to deal with the open letter in the circumstances. It is unknown what has occurred further, but after a while MSU has apologized to the museum. Now an incident has occurred at a family visit to the Tretyakov gallery. Alla Zelenin the visitor of the Tretyakov gallery "I with two oldest daughters, 18 both 20 years, and several of their friends of the same age, have decided to go to the Tretyakov gallery. I was engaged in antiques, I had the gallery, it was always interesting to it to listen to my stories about pictures therefore they have decided that I have illustrated all this with works of arts. We a lot of things discussed. For example, manufacturing techniques of a frame, gilding as pictures, that is questions which usually don't rise tretyakovsky guides grow old. Some time we talked, after a while the keeper has approached us and has told immediately to stop an excursion because she doesn't see at me accreditation on holding an excursion. I have tried to explain to her that we have come here to communicate, look at pictures, to discuss them, but it hasn't taken effect, have even called the security guard for full persuasiveness. Nothing remained to us how to leave halls". The main criterion in this situation can be whether there was a speech about a paid excursion or not. If isn't present, then it looks like violation by Tretyakov gallery, neither more nor less, of the country constitution, the managing partner of the Moscow Bar "Yurasov, Larin and Partners" Vladimir Yurasov considers. Vladimir Yurasov considers the managing partner of the Moscow Bar "Yurasov, Larin and Partners" "It is impossible to forget that we have a Constitution of the Russian Federation where it is accurately told that each citizen can freely visit any public places which aren't forbidden from the point of view of safety and so on. The museums also treat these public places. Respectively, restrictions any don't exist. Where to find a thin side meanwhile when the company comes from several people, and tells one another about history of creation of a picture, about her author as it has been written and so on, and business activity when people purposefully create actions from which they earn money. In the Civil Code of the Russian Federation it is accurately told that it enterprise to a deyata



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