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The Ministry of Internal Affairs wants to change the procedure of passing an examination to obtaining the driving license. What not so with the offer?

Examination on obtaining the automobile rights can be complicated: we intend to unite "platform" and "city", the ban on educational driving on highways to cancel, and delivery will be fixed on Photo video cameras: Alexander the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation suggests to change Alpatkin/TASS the procedure of passing an examination to obtaining the driving license. The draft of the relevant government resolution is published on the website of regulations. In particular, obligatory audio-and video registration is entered during the theoretical examinations. Also it is offered to cancel for handing over the special platform and to carry out a practical part of examination in the city. In this part of the project there are questions, the vice-president of the National automobile union Anton Shaparin:anton Shaparin the vice-president of the National automobile union "Says some elements confuse. First, unclear, where the beginning driver will work a snake whether the employee holding exams will expose cones directly on a roadbed. As cones at the parallel parking someone else's machines probably will be used means, then all examination cars it will be necessary to insure on a comprehensive insurance. The initiative is clear: The traffic police tries to simplify, on the one hand, the procedure of delivery on the rights, and with another — goes a little bit not with that purpose". From innovations: cancellation of the ban on educational driving cars on highways. As for motorcycles, it is offered to leave practical examinations to hand over on the platform. To add to your sources of news?



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