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Date: 5 months ago   Category: Politics

The Governor of Khakassia called a fake of the message that to him have suggested to leave prior to the second round

Victor Zimin has made such statement in a conversation with Business FM. Earlier media were written that the offer to leave a post has arrived from the Kremlin Victor Zimin. Photo: Vladimir Gerdo / by TASS It is updated in 12:51glava Khakassia Victor Zimin has denied in Business FM interview information that to him have allegedly suggested to leave a post prior to the second round of vote. Earlier Vedomosti with reference to sources in Presidential Administration was written that they in the Kremlin want that Victor Zimin who has conceded to the candidate of the CPRF Valentin Konovalov in the first round of elections of the head of the republic has written the notice of resignation prior to the second round.

according to newspaper sources, in the republic — an uncontrollable situation, is entered external financial management, there is no money for salaries to state employees. The Presidential Administration allegedly wants that on Zimin's place there was anyone if only not he, he isn't capable to win elections, has reported one more source of the edition.

56-year-old Zimin in power nearly ten years, on last elections his result has exceeded 63%. He heads republican office of United Russia. On Sunday, September 9, he has received twice less.

last year Khakassia became one of the first regions which have publicly reported about problems in the budget. Last week the Fitch agency has withdrawn all credit ratings of the republic. The Supreme Council of Khakassia asked Dmitry Medvedev to provide financial aid in the size of 28 billion rubles. Media reported that Zimin was recommended in due time for a position of the Governor of Khakassia by the Minister of Defence Sergey Shoygu who, by the way, likes to have a rest in the republic. The opinion of the Minister of Defence will be considered at making decision on the future of Zimin, the interlocutor of RBC says. Zimin has reported to

Business FM that information on his leaving prior to the second round — фейк: — It under the law can't even be done, you are competent. Read the law. It is a fake, all react to it. Under the law it is impossible. — We can't but ask... — I go on the second round. Nobody nothing called me, nobody with me spoke. There will be a second round. — It in the nearest future, I so understand? — Within two weeks under the law. — That is now Konovalov is the main your competitor or there is still someone who makes the way too? — Yes, he is a competitor. To Zimin's competitor — the communist Valentin Konovalov — only 30 years. The native of Khakassia, he has graduated from local State University, by training — the lawyer, has entered the Communist Party still studying in higher education institution. He repeatedly came to meetings of the CPRF for resignation of Zimin which, by the way, before elections was hanged out on September 9 on the cities banners with an inscription by "Sergey Shoygu — for Victor Zimin"
RUSAL exerts a great influence on authorities in power in Khakassia, the editor-in-chief of the portal Larisa Mazunina tells. — At us in the republic the head Zimin is called "hungry". People are very dissatisfied with what he conducts policy — antinational, antisocial, naturally, that Valentin Konovalov is, maybe, in some part a protest against authorities in power, and, perhaps, first of all a protest against if only not Zimin has passed,



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