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The fairy tale — oil is more expensive than 5000 rubles to the Russian authorities

Main business figure of week: the Brent oil barrel price in rubles has exceeded 5000 rubles. What does it mean for Russia and who should be thanked? Photo: what now occurs, the fairy tale for the Russian authorities. Oil expensive, and ruble weak. Budget revenues which for 40% depends on hydrocarbons grow. For oil give 75-76 dollars, and call ruble strongly underestimated. But the Central Bank for the benefit of the Ministry of Finance during a week has begun to buy currency, and only when the ruble has passed a mark in 69, the regulator has stopped, having constrained further falling. It is already known that the budget will be surplus. RBC writes about a possible record in ten years, additional 2,5 trillion rubles can come to treasury. The government looks for money for implementation of "the May decree" now. And so they, were. The reverse of the medal — growth of consumer prices, the adviser for macroeconomic of the CEO of the Opening Broker company Sergey Hestanov predicts: Sergey Hestanov the adviser for macroeconomic of the CEO of the Opening Broker company "As a payment for this process purchasing power of the most part of citizens considerably decreases. Moreover, after ruble depreciation inflation, just owing to the fact that about a third of a consumer basket of the average Russian includes currency goods usually disperses. Therefore indefinitely it is impossible to use such simple tool for balancing of the budget. This means which can be applied, but is rather limited". In the middle of crisis of media and analytics have removed "principle 3600": it was the stable price of barrel of oil in rubles. That is if to increase barrel cost by dollar exchange rate, then 3600 rubles always turn out. Let's say for oil give 60 dollars and as much rubles are costed by the American currency. Then the ruble and oil "sang in unison". Now the dependence of national currency on the cost of oil has strongly weakened, as well as ruble therefore we also see the price in rubles 5000. The main factor which influences a rate of national currency, political, as well as for oil therefore the fairy tale can quickly end — only to write to enough Donald Trump to Twitter, the deputy director general on investments of UK "Univer Capital" Dmitry Aleksandrov:dmitry Alexandrov the deputy CEO for investments of IK "Univer Capital" "For example, the statement from the USA or just notices a tweet from the U.S. President that we will agree with Iran about change of the transaction or about possible easing of sanctions, about reduction of possible embargo. The scenario which isn't excluded at all, just if it is accented in information space, it can shift the price very sharply down". "Gentle" relationship of Iran and the USA it is worth thanking for the high prices of raw materials. The oil rally has begun in the spring when Trump announced an exit from the nuclear transaction with Tehran, and it was and remains to one of the main factors. Then the barrel of the North Sea mix was even even more expensive — 80 dollars. And at the beginning of August of the USA officially declared recovery of sanctions against Islamsko



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