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Date: 6 months ago   Category: Technologies

The executive director of Roskosmos has told about a situation at the ISS

According to him, on the formed crack it is planned to establish the second patch over the first. Whether something threatens those who is at the station? Photo: The press service of Roskosmos/TASS It is updated in 11:49ekipazh by the ISS has confirmed tightness of a patch on the opening formed in the Union ship. There is no air leak any more, pressure remains stable, follows from negotiations of crew with Earth. Earlier it was reported that on the place of a patch swelling was formed. The Russian agencies provided data with reference to the portal according to which the microcrack in Russian "Union" was closed up sealant and a medical gauze. Interfax wrote that damage was stuck with a kaptonovy tape. It is special heat-resistant material of which do external layers of space suits.

Judging by the report of NASA, by the ship was formed two openings, one of them through at once. "Роскомос" later I have reported that has no data on the second crack.

"Union" in an orbit since June. As has reported a source of RIA Novosti, the special commission understands why such damage was formed. Perhaps, the micrometeorite or space debris has got to the ship. On low Earth orbit flight speed — 8 kilometers per second, and it is even possible to compare a small subject to a bullet. Or a crack — the investigation of a manufacturing defect. However at tests of the ship on Earth and in time in an orbit problems with tightness weren't. In any unclear situation all is the simplest to write off for micrometeorites and garbage, but it doesn't match in any way that cracks, according to initial information, a little. Most likely, matter in production defect, the research supervisor of Institute of space policy Ivan Moiseev: considers — "Union" is tested, as well as all ships, in the vacuum chamber that there were no leaks. This stage, of course, has passed, and has passed well, but in case of human deviations at production after a conclusion to an orbit there are loadings when joining, and already in the joined state there are loadings connected with dynamics of the station. She moves as masses after all big, and if something is underfulfilled, the similar picture of formation of microcracks — or around docking knot, or around joining between household and the lander just turns out, or in general the possibility of emergence of such cracks has initially been put. If leak is stopped, it is possible to remain. At the station air suffices, it is possible to fill small leaks, it is always provided. And here if leak continues, and it is strong, here then serious troubles will begin. — Concerning a gauze and sealant. What for new technologies such? A gauze onboard "Union" — it is normal? — If it is visible where a crack in order that to stick it, any make-shifts — epoxy glue, an insulating tape are good. If they have chosen sealant and a gauze, so consider that it is more reliable. And the fact that there swelling was formed a little unclear, of course, but as all this from words is retold, is hard to say that there. Presses from within, so



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