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The ECG without references and analyses. To whom will new Apple Watch be useful?

New smart watch will also be able to count pulse and independently to cause the help if the owner has fallen and doesn't move within a minute of Apple Watch of the Photo: Zuma\TASS New Apple Watch will be able to remove the electrocardiogram. However, so far this function will be available only in the USA. Watch from Apple of the fourth series can understand also now that you have slipped or have fallen, will ask, how are you, and if they don't receive the answer, will begin to sound the alarm and to call for ambulance. The price of a new device — about 32 thousand rubles. The American media publish stories as the smart watch save lives. The gadget notifies on possible heart attack, and by means of measurement of pulse people, having seen a doctor, learn about congenital heart diseases, a renal failure and the opened ulcer. Jama Ibragimova on hours except the native Apple application which measures pulse has one more which publishes a sound signal at tachycardia. Jama has an oncology, and the smart watch her more than once saved. One of such cases has occurred when she came back from procedures from Israel to Moscow: "While I fainted, at children who examined me, reaction to this signal has worked, and I fell already directly in health service hands. On the screen the exclamation mark, physicians have touched him, and there in the Russian and English languages indicators are duplicated that this person has such diagnosis and pulse has risen. They have right there stuck medicine which has reduced heartbeat and has leveled him. After an arrival to Moscow after nerves I have entered the apartment, hours have shouted, the daughter has called an ambulance, and everything has repeated. There was still an incident when I have got into accident, and hours have transmitted a sound signal too, and the doctor could react". The publisher of Oleg Kapranov uses Apple Watch from the very first model including a pulsator, especially at sports activities. The device helps to understand when it is time to reduce loading, but as the serious measuring instrument it can't be used after all, Kapranov:oleg Kapranov the publisher of "Important considers to understand that an optical pulsator which is used in Apple Watch, a thing very specific. It is after all not the medical device, and it gives measurement of pulse with rather big error. He can be used as a certain reference point when, let us assume, really reading off scale pulse, but to lean on these figures as on data of medical measurement or as on these cardiograms I wouldn't become. Most of professional athletes as a rule use the additional breast sensor: there the contact is much more dense, metal contacts, but not an optical sensor are used after all, and the efficiency, accuracy, reliability of such measurement is much higher". The value of new Apple Watch already as cardiodevice can be estimated only in practice, and if they show excellent results, then such hours a fine gift for people will be more senior than 40 years, the therapist considers, the cardiologist and the medical blogger Philip Kuzmenko:filipp Kuzmenko is therapist, the cardiologist, the medical blogger "As it can do the slave



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