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Spy scandal: the Foreign Minister of Austria at which wedding there was Putin has cancelled a trip to Russia

Karin Knaysl.
In Austria the retired colonel of armed forces of the country was detained. He allegedly conducted 20 years investigation in favor of Russia and each two weeks contacted to certain "Yury" of Karin Knaysl. Photo: FLORIAN WIESER\EPA\TASS Is updated in 13:33nenastoyashchy the colonel: the high-ranking Austrian military was the Russian agent with a 20-year experience. The spy scandal has burst on the eve of Vladimir Putin's trip to Paris to the celebration of the 100 anniversary of the end of World War I. He has to go there on November 11. There will be chapters of 80 states there. The representative of Russia was already summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Austria. The head of the Austrian diplomacy Karin Knaysl — that that has invited Vladimir Putin to herself to a wedding and danced with him — has cancelled a trip to Russia. In the Russian Foreign Ministry have said that the ambassador of Austria will be summoned to the ministry on November 9.

of the Detail about activity of estimated Russian "mole" gives Krone Zeitung. According to the edition, the officer of the Austrian army from 90th years worked for the Russian intelligence, having received during this time more than 300 thousand euros.

In material is said that the unnamed colonel "acted very professionally" and held "an imperceptible post" in the headquarters of the Austrian army. Each two weeks he met the Russian curator by the name of Yury and received from him tasks, and transmitted the got data through the ciphered letters or by means of satellite communication. Allegedly, the agent collected information on the Austrian Air Force, artillery systems, migration crisis and also detailed information on many Austrian high-ranking military.

If to assume that the Russian intelligence really had "mole" in the Austrian army, than could be interested Moscow? The research associate of the Center of the analysis of strategy and technologies, the editor-in-chief of the Export Vooruzheny magazine Andrey Frolov:andrey Frolov the research associate of the Center of the analysis of strategy and technologies argues, the editor-in-chief of the Export Vooruzheny magazine "Austria represents a certain interest from the point of view of own military technologies. But first of all Austria is a certain bridge, the neutral territory which allows to work first of all to the European countries which are included into the NATO alliance. All the same Austria is anyway entered in various general projects, at it are adopted European and not only the systems of arms, that is it is possible to learn characteristics of systems, it is possible to obtain some information on other countries. They have Eurofighter, the main fighter of the European NATO member states. It would be very interesting to obtain information on features of this plane, his characteristics, certainly, for our military. Then on small arms where Austria is strong, there are no megasecrets here though quantitative some characteristics, mobilization capacities, production of these small arms if to look at the nomenclature of those arms which consist in the Austrian army — is unconditional, their analogs are available also in those countries which are included into NATO, and a floor



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