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"Sipyagin was swaddled on hands and legs". The Legislative Assembly of the Vladimir region has obliged the governor to coordinate appointments

Vladimir Sipyagin.
Changes in the charter of area have been accepted after Vladimir Sipyagin's election as the head of the region, but prior to his inauguration. What does it mean and how voters treat it? Vladimir Sipyagin. Photo: Artem Geodakyan / personnel decisions have obliged to coordinate TASS of the Vladimir governor with regional parliament. The relevant amendments to the charter of area have been adopted after the victory of the candidate of LDPR Vladimir Sipyagin on elections of the head of the region, but to his introduction to a position. And not only United Russia party members, but also representatives of Just Russia in regional Legislative Assembly voted for them. The LDPR has already reported that will strive for cancellation of this law.
Why the Vladimir deputies have made such decision? And how inhabitants of the region treat a situation? Andrey Travnikov is a correspondent of Vladimir News news agency "The party in power, United Russia party members, has the majority in our parliament in spite of the fact that they have lost nine mandates after failure elections this year. And they, naturally, have shown that they aren't going to release a situation, they aren't going to sit down, pads to put and allow the new, newly elected governor to do everything that he will want. That is they have shown thus simply that anyway it will be necessary to agree with them. What consequences will it bring? I think that no more than reputation because, in principle, the newly elected governor if he wants to see at any position specifically any person, then he will put him with a prefix of the deputy. And that will quietly work to itself(himself). That is there, of course, there is a number of restrictions, but they aren't so essential that he couldn't work. Materials which have appeared in media, social networks and inhabitants comment on all this very actively. And readability, I can tell, on our website, that is this news has excited residents of the area — inhabitants see in it, of course, that United Russia party members have swaddled on hands and legs of the new governor Sipyagin, such national hero. But I wouldn't begin to dramatize all this situation so. Of course, I also didn't call her as she was called by United Russia party members that it it seems as such collective division of responsibility in case of unsuccessful personnel decisions. I, of course, too so softly wouldn't call, but inhabitants, of course, the most part has apprehended it, as if take away a victory from them. That is, it seems, as they have won the power, having elected the governor, and now take away her from them". What will opposition of the Vladimir United Russia party members and the new governor from LDPR end with? The political scientist and the political strategist Abbas Gallyamov: argues — it isn't absolutely correct to say that it is United Russia have taken here such position. In Legislative assembly of the Vladimir region United Russia exists purely formally. Actually, it is a difficult ball of various groups, elite clans in which simply to eat a habit to bind hand and foot of the governor, and Orlova faced the same problem. Substantially her defeat is connected not with the fact that the people against her have risen. Her high anti-



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