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Sindbad has stopped work. What to do to those who has already bought air tickets?

The company takes the fourth place in Russia in the rating of the agencies on the sales volume of air tickets for the first half of the year of this year of the Photo: Is updated 22:00odin from the largest Russian services for sale of air tickets of Sindbad has suspended work. The agency has delayed guarantee payment to airlines, have reported sources of the Kommersant newspaper. The website of service doesn't work, instead of him — a cap with phones and e-mail of support service. On the specified numbers operators specify information only on concrete orders. When service earns again and whether will earn in general, don't speak. Sindbad — the fourth agency in Russia on the sales volume of air tickets this year. Every month it sold about 20 thousand tickets. Now service, according to Kommersant, in a pre-bankruptcy state. The agency has allegedly delayed payment within BSP. The system acts as the guarantor for airlines. By means of BSP agents transfer money for the written-out tickets. Problems of Sindbad is the isolated case connected with operating activities of this company, Russia and Poland PR-manager of the Skyscanner company Dmitry Hovanskiy:dmitry Khovansky Russia and Poland PR-manager of the Skyscanner company "The most frequent problems at the agencies considers there are different ruptures of streams of cash. They can underestimate the prices a certain period, thus financing the further activity. At some point there is a gap between that money which they receive from clients, and that money which they pay the suppliers". Other players have e-travel other opinion on a condition of the market. The PR-manager of the OneTwoTrip service Alexey Belousov says that in comparison with time when the market only began to be formed, now such business demands significantly big investments, and not all companies cope. Alexey Belousov the PR-manager of the OneTwoTrip service "If we look at e-travel given on market size, in 2010 he was estimated at 70 billion rubles, and by forecasts for 2018 — 920 billion rubles. For the last eight years he has grown up by 13 times. In parallel there was very fast immersion of consumers in process of purchase of various travel-products in the Internet. They have learned to compare various agencies and to understand with what there is a sense to work and with what isn't present. Those agencies which have at some point ceased to invest in development of a product of aftersales service face certain difficulties now". On the online agencies also the general economic situation presses. Difficulties are experienced for certain also by other, smaller players, the CEO of service for receiving compensations for a cancellation/delay of flights of Compensair Roman Gilmanov: is sure — If the situation with exchange rate which has again become aggravated now doesn't change until the end of the year or will change in that party in which she changes now, there will be still a big consolidation of the market. — Cancellation of tickets can happen? — There are different types of tickets, flights. If we speak about charter flights most of which often enter, for example, in



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