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Shufutinsky about the song of "The third of September": "Just it was pleasant to me, and I have sung"

From year to year on social networks memes about this song disperse. She is 25 years old, and in 2018 she has headed a chart of the Russian iTunes. The actor has told Business FM that doesn't know to whom the composition Mikhail Shufutinsky is devoted. Photo: Sergey of Fadeichev/TASS If in this world also is something really stable, so it is Twitter and jokes about #3сентября. Every year Mikhail Shufutinsky sings from all columns of the country, and on social networks memes and flashmobs disperse: jokes, of course on type: "And you have turned the calendar?" Or: — Hallo! It is insurance?
— Yes, hello! What interests you?
— At you it is possible to be insured from the fire?
— Certainly.
— Even if will sunbathe fires of mountain ashes?
— My God, only not it again.
— Or, let us assume, promises?
— I Hate the third of September.
— you insure Against loneliness? Hallo? Hallo?! — Tanya Baryshnikova (@sarcazmator) on September 2, 2018 г — Anna Zhur (@ankablond) on September 3, 2018. This time the song about September third has headed a chart of the Russian iTunes, and it, by the way, 25 years. At the same time the performer of the main autumn hit Mikhail Shufutinsky has told Business FM that doesn't know to whom it is devoted Shufutinsky the crooner "Kompozitsiya:mikhait I have got it from Abrupt and Nikolaev. Verses were written by Igor Nikolaev, it seems to know better to him. I don't think, I with him didn't find out this subject — to whom it is devoted and why she is such. Just it was pleasant to me, and I have sung. Therefore some the intrigue can and I was, but never we heard anything about it and didn't know. The song was 25 years old". Also the Voronezh motorists have noted on September 3. They have built 80 cars so that from height of bird's flight the schematical portrait of Mikhail Shufutinsky has turned out. In the central park of Lipetsk have established a huge appointment desk calendar where on pages the only date — on September 3 and a portrait of the chansonnier. To add to your sources of news?



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