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Show the passport in book. Haven't sold to the schoolgirl from Yekaterinburg Yesenin, Mayakovsky and Brodsky's verses

On books by great Russian poets there was a marking 18. I've been told: if you aren't 18 years old, you can't buy these books" — the girl has told. Business FM are known also other similar cases. Than classics were guilty before officials? Photo: the Schoolgirl Alice (already one name is symbolical here) wanted to buy small collected works of Sergey Yesenin, Vladimir Mayakovsky and Iosif Brodsky in bookstores of Yekaterinburg. Books have been packed in cellophane with marking 18. But the girl only 17 years, so I haven't grown to classics. Verses haven't sold to her. Later in shop have tried to speak: other works by poets which are recommended to school students stood allegedly nearby, Alice could buy them. But she had other purpose, she has become interested in persons of great poets therefore she has chosen these books: "I can buy collections which are specially intended for the school program, but I was interested in these concrete books. I bought them not because they are necessary to me at school and me they were set but because it is interesting to me. In these concrete collections besides poems there is an essay by these authors. It is interesting to me to recognize them persons, but not because I at school was told to bring verses, and I buy the collection 18". The shop can be understood: there is a law designed to protect children from harmful information. All as with alcohol and tobacco — you will sell the book not on age, can fine up to 50 thousand rubles. But why someone has decided that verses of these poets can do to children harm? What happens to almost adult if he learns that the lyrical hero of Mayakovsky is ready "to pump pineapple water" to fallen women? Or the state not the really decent appeal of Yesenin to "fans of song fleas" has excited? And Brodsky? "Make with her that why at the singer the voice sits down" or "break glass by means of a brick"? An appeal to violence, or perhaps to extremism? It is difficult to comment on it. It is difficult to understand criteria by which officials forbid minors of the book mind. Why not to leave alone classics, the writer Denis Dragunskiy:denis the Dragoon writer "Of course says, these rules shouldn't concern either Pushkin, or Yesenin, or Brodsky, or Hemingway, or Faulkner. I don't know to whom could come to mind to mark Yesenin or Mayakovsky 18. They have gone crazy, perhaps? Often happens to such officials that they are people semiliterate, not understanding anything. Here and it turns out". And Dragoon agrees that some fiction should be marked, for example, modern, not stood the test of time. Yes, there are books filled with obscene language and frank scenes. This right of the writer, but what such awful was found in the novel by Alexey Ivanov of "Psoglavtsa"? Good modern writer, real Russian writer. the 23-year-old Muscovite Polina has tried to buy the work. "Passport" — have strictly told in shop. "I come to cash desk, demand the passport from me. I have offered the driver's license because passports at



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