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Date: 7 months ago   Category: Companies

Sberbank remains the leader of media rating

Mass media have reported plans of Sberbank to buy not less than 30% of "Yandex". It was claimed that the transaction can cost bank at least 3,8 billion dollars, but both companies deny information on negotiations   the Photo: the Medialogiya Company especially for has made the ratings of the companies and businessmen of week. Ratings are prepared on the basis of Mediaindeks — an indicator of Medialogiya which reflects quality of presence of the companies and persons in an information field. The more the Mediaindeksa value, especially is bright and positive presence of the company or the person at media, the her image created by media is more positive. By preparation of rating 4 488 552 publications of media from 15 till October 21, 2018 have been analysed. The company a nedelilider according to Mediaindeks has Sberbank of Russia. Mass media reported that the company plans to receive not less than 30% in the capital of "Yandex". The press service has said that Sberbank didn't address "Yandex" with the offer on purchase of the equity stake of the company and didn't receive the relevant proposal. The most noticeable movement in media rating at Rosneft. Editions wrote about the cost of the first atomic Leader ice breaker. The company has agreed to give in 2019 advance payment of 3,5 billion rubles on a zero stage of creation of design documentation. Top-10 the companies недели:№ПеремещениеКомпанияМедиаИндекс10Сбербанк77 658,22 1VTB37 118,33 5 Rostelecom 27 043,44 5 Gazprom 24 061,05-3RZhD23 716,160Apple20 579,17 11 Rosneft 19 698,38-1 Russian Post 17 842,19-5 "Yandex" 17 465,510 4 Rosatom 15 722,5businessmeny a nedelilider according to Mediaindeks remains Dmitry Rogozin. Donald Trump's administration has made the decision on a temporary conclusion from under the American sanctions of the CEO of Roskosmos, the head of NASA Jim Braydenstayn has reported. The most noticeable movement in rating at Alexey Likhachev. In the report of the head of Rosatom it is said that, by calculations of the interdepartmental working group under the chairmanship of the Deputy Prime Minister Yury Borisov, the atomic Leader ice breaker is estimated at 98,6 billion rubles without the VAT. In total it is planned to construct three such ice breakers on shipyard "Star" in the Far East. Top-10 businessmen недели:№ПеремещениеПерсонаМедиаИндекс10Дмитрий Rogozin
Roskosmos 14 692,420german Gref
Sberbank13 291,53 75 Igor Shuvalov
VEB7 619,34 18 Igor Sechin
Rosneft 6 814,15 104 Bill Gates
of 673,16-2aleksy Miller's
Microsoft5 Gazprom 5 103,4712roman Abramovich
Predprinimatel4 477,08 156 Alexey Likhachev
Rosatom 4 166,29-3pavet Durov
Telegram3 913,210 42 Vagit Alekperov
Lukoil 3 435,1 to Add to your sources of news?



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