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Sberbank has headed media rating

As the head of the company German Gref has said, the financial organization doesn't consider transfer of dollar deposits to rubles and doesn't see the increased demand for converting of deposits Sberbank. Photo: Ilya of Pitalev/TASS the Medialogiya Company especially for has made the ratings of the companies and businessmen of week. Ratings are prepared on the basis of Mediaindeks — an indicator of Medialogiya which reflects quality of presence of the companies and persons in an information field. The more the Mediaindeksa value, especially is bright and positive presence of the company or the person at media, the her image created by media is more positive. By preparation of rating 4 482 977 publications of media from 17 till September 23, 2018 have been analysed. To the company Sberbank became a nedelilider according to Mediaindeks. He doesn't consider transfer of dollar deposits to rubles and doesn't see the increased demand for converting of deposits, the head of bank German Gref has told journalists. The most noticeable movement in media rating at Kalashnikov Concern. Mass media reported that the Russian President Vladimir Putin has examined gallery for sniper firing of the shooting center of concern in the Moscow region Cuban and has done some shooting from the SVCh-308 rifle. Top-10 the companies недели:№ПеремещениеКомпанияМедиаИндекс1 1sberbank38 259,32 1VTB30 417,13-2Apple30 285,74 12 Gazprom 25 961,95 1 Rosneft 19 839,76 3RZhD19 370,370 Rostelecom 16 513,68 4 Rosatom 15 7879-5 Russian Post 14 159,410 54 Kalashnikov Concern 14 123,8businessmeny a nedelilider according to Mediaindeks became Dmitry Rogozin. The head of Roskosmos has said that the Russian side won't take part in the joint project of the circumlunar station The Gateway with the USA on those terms which are offered by Americans. According to him, Moscow can offer the alternative project. The most noticeable movement in rating at Igor Makovsky. Mass media reported that he will start responsibilities as the CEO of IDGC of Centre. Top-10 businessmen недели:№ПеремещениеПерсонаМедиаИндекс1 1 Dmitry Rogozin
"Roskomos" 13 837,12-1andry Kostin
vtb11 858,230german Gref
Sberbank Rossii9 795,340ilon Mask
SpaceX9 0915 16 Oleg Deripaska
of En 8 582,36 22 Alexander Dyukov
Gazprom Neft 3 821,17 14 Alexey Miller
Gazprom 3 480,28 471 Igor Makovsky
of IDGC Centra3 3549 170 Andrey Ryabinsky
"World of boxing" 3 13310 48 Sergey Chemezov
Rostec 3 041,2 to Add to your sources of news?



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