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Russia has forbidden one more movie? The Ministry of Culture has responded Business FM to the request

As the CEO of the Nevafilm company which has organized a movie hire in Russia "Kidnapped persons of a treasure of Europe" has told radio stations, the ministry hasn't sounded the reason. However the Ministry of Culture in the letter which has come to edition has emphasized that the refusal wasn't the Photo: Mikhail Tereshchenko / by TASS It is updated in 13:37B of media information on the next ban from Ministry of Culture has appeared: this time the victim — the documentary "The Stolen Treasures of Europe". The ministry has allegedly refused to him the distribution certificate literally one day before the premiere at movie theaters. The movie by the Italian director Claudio Pauly is devoted to the painting masterpieces stolen by Nazis during World War II and saved as a result of a victory. The picture was widely announced, sale of tickets has already begun. The tape had to be released on September 6, and the day before display was planned by the Tretyakov gallery, but at the last minute has announced cancellation. However, later the Ministry of Culture has stated that no refusal in a hire of the documentary "The Stolen Treasures of Europe" existed and he is ready to issue him the distribution certificate. Delays are caused by existence of a fascist swastika in a tape. Here is how I have responded to the request Business FM in the letter the director of the department of cinematography of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation Olga Lyubimova: "I would like to pay attention that it is necessary to comment on posts in Facebook. Considering that the door of my office is open, I with pleasure for a start would get acquainted with representatives of the Nevafilm company and would solve this problem within half an hour. Very often representatives of professional community and associations reproach the Ministry of Culture that we break federal laws or inattentively we treat them. It is surprising that when laws concern them, and the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation executes them, it arouses bigger indignation. When to us have brought documents for the movie "The Stolen Treasures of Europe", the staff of department of cinematography has paid attention that at a picture there is a swastika. We have a federal law "About Perpetuating of the Victory of the Soviet People in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945" forbidding promotion or public demonstration of Nazi symbolics. Ministry of culture I have warned the film distributor that department needs extra time as additional examination of a picture is necessary, or it is necessary to cover a swastika, or to remove shots where she is present. Therefore no refusal in obtaining the distribution certificate existed, we have just asked time for additional examination. We have received the corresponding expert opinion of lawyers of standard and legal department of Ministry of culture, were verified with the law, with the resolution of the government of Russia and have made the decision that we can issue the distribution certificate. And if the employee Nevafilm comes to department of cinematography today, he will receive the distribution certificate on this movie. Therefore the reason here of such statements, negodovaniye, for me remains to sad irony concerning actions of the Ministry of Culture absolute з



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