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Problems of space scale. How to save the Center of Khrunichev?

According to employees of the enterprise, the plant practically stands idle, orders aren't enough, and salaries were reduced three times. Roskosmos promises new contracts and an exit to profitable production by 2022 to the Photo: Alexander Shcherbak / TASS At the main checkpoint of the plant of Khrunichev has passed a descent of workers in Moscow which releases the carrier rockets "Proton". Workers are dissatisfied with mass reductions and reduction of salary. Lately salaries at most of employees of the Center of Khrunichev were reduced three times. The previous action has been broken on July 5, the police has considered it an uncoordinated meeting. The former employee of the enterprise of the Novel at the plant had friends. He says that nobody sees special sense to protest. You will change these nothing. Roman is the former employee of the State Research and Production Space Center of M.V. Khrunichev "I worked at this enterprise five years, have left just few months ago. My friends and the girl work there, I am aware of all events. So to say, all understand that it will give nothing. Nothing depends on ordinary workers. People sit as it is, work for three kopeks in the days and at the nights there. Already enough forces are applied to keep the enterprise afloat. It is a maximum that they can make". The fitter of rocket modules Herman Shklyarsky has left the plant of Khrunichev half a year ago. The enterprise actually stands idle. Young employees in large quantities leave, German:german Shklyarsky the fitter of rocket modules "Tells I have come there to grow, study. When from what you have to do you are sent to drag cases, to paint fences — it isn't interesting. Children received 80 thousand rubles and when there was a lot of work, and on 100-120 thousand. I think, now their salary makes 25-30 thousand rubles because they are engaged in hozrabota. There were there generally pensioners. People go on leave now, but don't even pay them a vacation pay. After rockets have begun to fall, very many customers have refused. Even if now there will also be a work, it will be very little. If they don't put Angara in production, then, most likely, the plant will just die. I have an acquaintance with whom I worked, he is deputy head of the department now. He likes this work, but besides on money there was less. But he waits that everything will get better, trusts in a miracle". According to the reporting, the Center of M.V. Khrunichev incurred losses since 2007. The enterprise has reported about financial problems at the end of 2013. In 2014 then the head of the United Rocket and Space Corporation Igor Komarov has reported that, by preliminary estimate, on improvement of the enterprise more than 30 billion rubles are required. Today the enterprise has owed to banks and Roskosmos nearly 100 billion rubles. Somehow to pay off, it was supposed to sell a third of the territory in the Filevsky floodplain in the west of Moscow. But last week there has taken place the meeting with Vladimir Putin with participation of the CEO of Roskosmos Dmitry Rogozin. Have decided to leave to the space-rocket center in Filyakh lands and to help money from the budget. Deputy chief unitary enterprise



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