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Parliamentary hearings: about anything, except a retirement age

Parliamentary hearings in the State Duma, on August 21, 2018.
"Groan over the country", "to take away and divide" and even verses — it is so possible to describe big hearings concerning pension reform which have taken place in the State Duma on August 21. In them more than 600 people Parliamentary hearings participated in the State Duma, on August 21, 2018. Photo: Anton of Novoderezhkin/TASS Those who monitored hearings have noticed an amazing thing: speakers as though competed who most less often will pronounce the word "pension" or "retirement age". Spoke about everything: about Syria, about the USA, about capitalists … No, of course, too expressed pension system, but, on feelings, casually. The main subject, one of the most important reforms in the history of the country just became an occasion to talk about something else. So, opposition performances. Vladimir Zhirinovsky, having begun with pensions, I have continued by America and I have smoothly reached television: "That Petrosyan gets divorced, billions can't divide. Dzhigarkhanyan someone plunders that again. You show us every day — stains arches, stains arches. At least one movie about the engineer, the worthy Russian engineer. 130 years to Zvorykin, I have invented television for the whole world! And where ashes lie? Abroad!" Gennady Zyuganov was more предметен: I have begun with the fact that it is necessary to execute the message of the president which has inspired the people. But the government does nothing. Expenditure for social sphere and housing and public utilities reduce. Businessmen withdraw money in offshores. And, by the way, about pensions — with nekrasovsky intonations: "You have made nothing in order that though for these months to hear that groan which over the country costs. Some live in the village on this pension all family. Siberia, the Far East — middle age 60-62 years, they almost everything in a coffin will see the pension there". It is possible to leave Sergey Mironov's performance in general no comments. Boring faces in the hall, were noticed by the leader of members of A Just Russia — and to recover, has read the poem by the member of the same party: "Listen if itself you don't know what people are necessary to us. Die to pension, the companion! Save the budget of the country! The pasha as an ox, you won't die yet. Pay taxes and the credit. Suffer, be silent. What do you groan? Russia doesn't order to groan!" Verses they have caused a live discussion about that, bad from the ideological point of view or good. It is more about performances of system oppositionists to tell and there is nothing. Unless to mention the only specific proposal of Zhirinovsky how to solve a problem of low pensions: to take away 99% of a state from large business, to leave to them on the apartment two-room flat and salary in 50 thousand. On what the head of fraction of United Russia party members Sergey Neverov has reasonably noticed that these assets not money, but the enterprises where people work. But even if to take away and sell, all the same there will be enough maximum for two years. Now about defenders of reform. Maxim Topilin has acted as the first. The Minister of Labour and Social Protection — only of status members of the government which has come to hearings. Arguments were old: the unbalance of the budget of the Pension fund, is less working, it is more than pensioners. Approximately the main ideologist of reform Alexey Kudrin also has performed with the same arguments. But also in his speech with figures and slides there was a place



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