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Date: 4 weeks ago   Category: Politics

Over Trump the threat of an impeachment has hung? Georgy Bovt's comment

Georgy Bovt.
The answer to a question whether it is subjected the U.S. President to criminal prosecution, in many respects depends on an outcome of November intermediate congressional elections Georgy Bovt. Photo: Mikhail of Fomichev/TASS On Monday, August 27, has to be the first package of the anti-Russian sanctions announced earlier by U.S. State Department in connection with allegedly participation of Russia in Sergey and Yulia Skripaley's poisoning in the British Salisbury — that is for use of fighting chemical toxic agent is officially published and will come into force. The second package of sanctions on the basis of the relevant law of 1991 has to be entered automatically in 90 days after the first in case it is recognized that Russia doesn't cooperate in compliance with law about prohibition of chemical weapon. However, a concrete set of sanctions measures can vary depending on the decision of administration of the USA. At the same time sharply the political pressure upon Donald Trump in connection with charges of violation of the pre-election legislation amplifies during the election campaign of 2016. How in this regard the sanctions policy of the USA for Russia can develop? About it in Georgy Bovt's comment. The decision of the old lawyer Trump of Michael Coen to cooperate with the investigation investigating the course of a presidential campaign of 2016 can become fatal for the president. Coen before threat of criminal prosecution for financial violations has decided to hand over the boss. He has said under the oath that Trump has ordered him to pay one pornoaktisa and one Playboy model for silence about illegitimate communications with the billionaire in the middle of the 2000th years. From the first of them, Stormi Daniels, the contract on nondisclosure has been signed, and have paid her 130 thousand dollars. Earlier Coen said that he has paid the money, now admitted that payment has been made according to Trump's order, and later to Coen have written out compensation for 420 thousand dollars from the budget of Trump Organization. This sum has included also the payments for silence made in favor of the Playboy model of Karen McDougall. It has been issued as follows. The exclusive rights to the publication of her history of sexual communications with Trump were bought by the National Enquirer magazine, however hasn't published it. David Peker, longtime friend of Trump and head of American Media Inc corporation., who issues the magazine, most likely, and McDougall has bought history to bury it. Have shut to women a mouth money shortly before the end of an election campaign. According to investigators, it could affect in a decisive way the result of elections, Trump has got a victory thanks to overweight only in 78 thousand voices in three decisive states. The other day the main manager Trump Organization finance Allen Vayssenberg has also received immunity from investigators and now can begin to cooperate too with the team of the special prosecutor Robert Müller which investigates also possible conspiracy of Trump with Russia in 2016. Vayssenberg who has begun to cooperate with Trump Organization at the father of the current president can transfer financial documents which I can



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