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Officials of the USA deny that called Trump "the inadequate idiot with brains of the sixth-grader"

U.S. President Donald Trump.
Confidants of the American president try to soften consequences of a publication of the book "Fear: Trump in the White House". In her the journalist Bob Vudvord famous on investigation of Watergate, the U.S. President Donald Trump tells about "an administrative revolution" in Washington. Photo: Michael Reynolds/EPA/TASS Before the publication of the book "Fear: Trump in the White House" to Bob Vudvord was succeeded to communicate with the U.S. President Donald Trump and to warn him about a release of the edition. The American leader has reproached the journalist for the fact that that hasn't addressed him for the comment in advance. Vudvord parried that he tried to contact the head of the White House through six different employees of administration, but all refused to him. Conversation recording was published by the The Washington Post newspaper (Vudvord is an editor of this edition): — It is a pity. It seems that it will be one more very inexact book, it is a pity. But I blame not only you. — I promise that she will be very exact. — Here what precisely, so is that nobody ever was the best president, than I. I could tell this. Many people who understand what occurs so consider. You will understand it in the future too. — I trust in our country, and as you our president, I wish you good luck. Quotes in the book by Vudvord at least scandalous. The head of administration of the White House John Kelly in the presence of other officials calls Trump "idiot" and "flown from loops". The Minister of Defence James Mattis in questions of understanding of geopolitics compared Trump to "sixth-grader". The former personal lawyer of Trump John Daud called the president "the damned liar" and has warned that that can appear "in a prison uniform" if agrees to give evidences to the special prosecutor Robert Müller: here and further all abusive words are replaced with acceptable options. For beauty — a fragment of the quote of the head of administration of the White House John Kelly: "He is an idiot. It is senseless to convince him of something. He has flown about a rail. We in a madhouse. I don't understand at all what we do here. It is the worst work in my life". The former chief adviser of Trump for economic problems Gary Kohn has told Vudvord as he took away important documents that the president hasn't seen them from the Oval office and hasn't signed. Allegedly, thus it was succeeded to keep the trade agreement between the USA and South Korea which rupture would threaten the top secret program of the Pentagon allowing to fix within seven seconds any missile launch from the territory of DPRK. As Kohn has said, "Trump couldn't see this document, I had to protect the country". Also impartial episodes from Trump's life are given in the book. In particular, it is described that the U.S. President by phone has demanded from the Pentagon chief to kill Bashar al-Assad in response to alleged chemical attack in Khan-Sheykhune: "Let's kill him, to hell! Let's kill all of them, to hell!" According to Vudvord, after that Mattis has hung up and has quietly told the assistant: "We won't do it". The head of the White House and on own allies broke. Trump called the Prosecutor General of the USA Jeff Sessions"



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