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Not all milk is equally useful. Experts called the best producers

In the Northwestern Federal District practically all milk without violations, and here in the Central Russia a quarter of production doesn't conform to requirements. What milk to drink in Moscow? Photo: Experts Roskachestva, Rospotrebnadzor and Rosselkhoznadzor have conducted a large-scale research of milk in Russia. So far there are results of a research only on two federal districts of the country — Central and Northwest. Short result: in the Northwestern Federal District practically all milk without violations. In the Central Russia in every fourth packing not absolutely milk: in him there is a vegetable fat, powdered milk, antibiotics. In the Central Russia of Roskachestvo has included Parmalat, Ecomilk, Vkusnoteevo, "Milk of our milking" in the five of the best producers of milk and Globus. Though as the expert of the dairy market Tatyana Rybalova considers, these checks seldom reflect a real situation in the market: everything depends on selection of brands and on how an inspection was carried out. And actually the situation is for certain unknown to anybody, even to inspection bodies, Rybalova says: Tatyana Rybalova the expert of the dairy market "I poorly believe in these checks. I know that the market is filled with a counterfeit. Following the results of the first half of the year import supply of palm oil has again grown. If the situation is better and better, then, probably, and "palm trees" have to deliver less and less". Perhaps, play a role and consumer habits. Many Russians since the childhood have got used to drink store and often powder milk. Good costs much, and the buyer, facing a show-window, thinks of the price more often, but not of taste. Whether also it influences quality? Why to producers to try if the buyer all the same buys what is cheaper? The quality grows, the farmer Eduard Yastrebov objects. However dairy production not the most profitable бизнес:Эдуард Yastrebov is a farmer "I think that now on the verge of profitability are madly long-term money. If to speak about an investment, certainly, it is easier for huge holdings who holds on several thousands of the heads of milk cows to survive. Both we, and at big players have a sale problem. The logistics, a problem is sold, delivery. It is very important that from production of milk to a point of delivery, consumption of milk was as the smaller distance is possible". Since July 15 in Russia new rules of marking are introduced: each buyer already on packing will be able easily to distinguish whether there are in this production a palm oil or other vegetable substitutes of milk fat. The producer is obliged to specify that it "milk-containing product with substitute of milk fat". Though it is, of course, a question of honesty. To add to your sources of news?



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