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New scandal with participation the Mask and change of the head of the Council of directors of Tesla

Tesla plant. USA.
Robin Denkholm will replace Elon Musk. She will enter a position immediately. Earlier journalists have published investigation about working conditions in the Tesla Plant company. USA. Photo: Stephen Lam/Reuters is appointed by the Chairman of the board of directors of Tesla 55-year-old Robin Denkholm. She will release the founder of the company Elon Musk from this duty. "The board of directors of Tesla is glad to declare that the chairman of the board of directors of Tesla it is appointed Robin Denkholm" — it is said in the statement posted on the website of the company. Denkholm who since 2014 was the independent director in the board of directors of Tesla will enter a position immediately.

Earlier independent edition Reveal has published investigation about working conditions at the Tesla plants which call "inhuman". The former and current employees complain of regular processings, production injuries, a stress and indifference of doctors of the company. The medical personnel of the company are allegedly forbidden to call the ambulance without the permission of the top management even if the employee of the plant has suffered a serious injury.

the Former top manager of clinic of Access Omnicare who serves more than ten thousand employees of Tesla in California, has told about pressure upon the company. According to him, Tesla allegedly demanded to refuse to employees treatment.

the Vice-president of Tesla Laurie Shelby has said that it "is very happy" with services of Access Omnicare, as well as employees. Elon Musk has complained of "unfair charges" to the company. What stands behind new scandal? The president of the Moscow Partners company, professor of HSE Evgeny Kogan comments: Evgeny Kogan the managing director of the Moscow Partners company "Perhaps now will become clear that he both with the devil, and has signed the contract with a devil with blood. I won't be surprised if it becomes clear that he killed the old woman at an entrance. I won't be surprised if he is a vampire and krovopivets. You know, for this purpose it is necessary to read the story by Mark Twain as he planned to become a politician. He has turned then into the most terrible monster which can only be. Musk is very disputable, contradictory figure, especially now when he has not the easiest times, and he honestly spoke about it. Therefore what about him is told — and, and се, both the fifth, and the tenth, you remember, how from that joke? "Well and let speak, and you speak". It reminds me circus with tambourines, poles, acrobats — with whom you want. I don't believe that everywhere labor unions, and work for Musk as in the 19th century, there now there will be a revolt of luddites, will smash now cars and machines which make them. Just the personality he non-standard and for certain not dollar to be pleasant, for certain isn't pleasant to much, but what to do, work at him such". In 2018 to year Elon Musk has appeared in the center of several scandals at once. In October FBI has begun investigation concerning Tesla. The company is suspected that it has provided incorrect data on volumes of release of electric vehicles, thereby having misled investors.

Before Musk was suspected of manipulation of the market when he at first



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