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New iPhone — for half a million

IPhone XS and XS Max phones.
In particular, such offers can be found on Avito. Business FM has phoned to one of such sellers. Official sales in Russia didn't start iPhone XS and XS Max Phones yet. Photo: Stephen Lam/Reuters to Buyers is promised by new iPhones in a week prior to official sales in Russia. In media information that for model ask up to half a million rubles has already appeared. Announcements of sale of new leaders of Apple have begun to appear on the websites Avito and "Yula" prior to their presentation. On September 12 the company has presented three smartphones of new generation, including the biggest in the history of the Apple iPhone XS Max with the screen 6,5 inches at once. In the Russian market the updated model and its increased version will appear on September 28, in a week after start of world sales. That who doesn't want to wait dealers offer

new iPhones c a margin. For example, on Avito for iPhone XS Max in the maximum complete set ask up to 250 thousand whereas by the preorder the device costs almost twice cheaper.

of Business FM was succeeded to communicate to one of sellers of new iPhones on Avito: — Well, same risk investments, correctly? As a rule, usually plus 20%, 25%, 30%. — And whether call much? It is possible to compare demand to previous year? — In previous on "ten" (much more demand was iPhone X — Business FM). — And what request more? — If people take, they take a maksimalka. The highest price of iPhone XS Max — half a million rubles. The author of the announcement from Moscow promises to bring the smartphone with memory of 512 gigabytes from China on October 2 — only in this country of a novelty will be equipped with the slot for two SIM cards. In spite of the fact that novelties haven't met expectation of either analysts, or investors, demand for them will be, the blogger of Wylsacom Valentin Petukhov:valentin Petukhov the blogger of Wylsacom "Is sure I am almost sure that the agiotage will be same, as well as all previous years because rather big changes have happened in the tenth model. It is the increased diagonal, gold color. As we know if to speak, for example, about our country, at us love visual show off of this sort. Of course, people will buy, and in the first days, is already now on various platforms where people suggest to bring something, to sell and so on devices at the price of 300-400 thousand rubles. I think that in the first day they also will go to this money. Of course, recession of the price will be during the whole week till September 28 when they appear officially in Russia. But it is actually necessary to understand that here it is about devices which were updated in a paradigm of Apple of updating with S letter. It always devices which have slightly improved in comparison with last year. However I heard the same also about iPhone 5S: it seems as he slightly differs from the five, and iPhone 6 and so on. Too it was passed therefore the agiotage will be strong. Interesting models. I am sure that it will be very difficult to buy them in the first day". Meanwhile Huawei announced an exit of the new flagman smartphones, and at the same time has laughed at Apple. On the official page on Twitter Chinese a lump



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