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Naked and unhumorous. The Stavropol judges check scandalous video with their colleague

Yury Makarov is the presumable hero of a roller on which the naked girl in his company buys a water bottle at gas station — I have already left and offers contradictory explanations to the Photo: the Chairman of October district court of Stavropol Yury Makarov has retired after the publication of a video with the naked girl at gas station. The qualification board of judges has unanimously supported the decision of Makarov who, however, continues to insist that in a shot not he. Check which the board after all has begun has to open a naked truth. To a lens of the surveillance camera of gas station I have got as it is accepted to speak, the person, "very similar" on the chairman of October district court of Stavropol Yury Makarov, to the companies of the naked girl. The roller already has managed to do noise in network. Gas station is approached by white Mercedes, of it goes out absolutely naked blonde and the man shooting the companion with phone. The lady comes into the hall, without confusion buys a water bottle (champagne which some media report, at gas stations isn't on sale) and leaves back. The operator follows her. Color, brand and machine numbers completely coincide with data on the car of the judge and it is difficult to deny external similarity, but Makarov is unshakable: "Not I! Even the wife has looked and has confirmed that not I. I have no such stomach, as at the man in a shot!" According to informal data, allegedly Makarov tried to justify himself the fact that he is revenged by villains whom he has put for 16 years — what coincidence — exactly 16 years ago that have found in network a roller with the man, similar to the judge, and have begun to revenge. According to other, also informal version, colleagues Makarov after all admitted that at gas station there was he. The judge has allegedly picked up the naked girl on the road (she has lost to friends and I had to buy the naked child something), conditions of a dispute have been satisfied, and the judge has brought the lady back to people with doubtful sense of humour. Colleagues promised to understand. Here what to Business FM was said by the chairman of the Stavropol regional court Evgeny Kuzin:evgeny of Cousins chairman of the Stavropol regional court "Judges of edge have begun check on these facts, and following the results of check there will be an official statement, there will be press releases, all this will be. I can't comment on actions of judicial council of edge. As far as I know, Makarov's application has been granted today, and he is dismissed. On those facts which interest you an inspection is carried out". Is known of the judge Makarov a little. According to the media expert from Stavropol Daniel Arakelyan, he conducted serious, but not high-profile cases. Silent, modest, to judicial measures so in general the clerk, Arakelyan:daniel Arakelyan the media expert "Says there is a version that he was blackmailed with this video. This video was uploaded, and, probably, there is something else. He understands that something too still, probably, will emerge. Besides, in the judicial case of Stavropol Krai quite Puritan customs, it is not the 90th years. Plus well-known business of our neighbors, judge Hakhaleva and so on. Nobody needs such attention now. It is simpler that the person has left and not at



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