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More than 80% of the Russian companies are ready to sell the assets. What it is connected with?

Experts of EY consulting group have come to such conclusions. According to them, the main activity of the market is connected with sale of small and medium business. Also it is reported that expansion of business plans less than a third of investors of the Photo: the Consulting komaniya of EY has conducted a research according to which 84% of the Russian companies are ready to sell the assets because of their inefficiency and risks. At the same time expansion of business is planned by less than a third of investors. It is supposed that the main activity of the market is connected with sale of small and medium business. Here that the partner of EY, the head of practice of consulting services in transactions in the CIS Alexey Ivanov:aleksey Ivanov the partner of EY, the head of practice of consulting services in transactions in the CIS "Frankly speaking, an indicator of 84% — the biggest has told Business FM lately. Owing to these or those reasons are ready to leave, sell, close parts of the business. It is a tendency more likely than the last several years. Now understanding comes that it won't be better. It is connected with two reasons. First of all, by some sectors the competition from other, more successful companies is obviously felt. Methods of business change, the companies understand that, without making any investments into new spheres, they will lose this sector. Understanding that these parts of business don't bring that level of return on which owners count only of 32%, and this smallest number of respondents, expect that they will just acquire some business. We have very big fork between supply and demand". Such situation is observed in Russia the last years ten, the chief economist of PF "Capital" Evgeny Nadorshin:evgeny Nadorshin says the chief economist of PF "Capital" "Seems to me that approximately since 2008-2009 when there has passed the first shock and rejection of the developed reality, persons interested to sell always was more, than persons interested to buy. This situation is characteristic of the Russian market for already about ten years. At the same time very often wishing to sell aren't ready to get rid of assets on comfortable conditions, and persons interested to buy aren't ready to buy at those prices which selling are quoted, including also price wishes to this history. I don't see a special tendency here, I see here a certain reality which was formed already for a long time and, unfortunately, haven't disappeared anywhere. If you look at development plans for the vast majority of the public companies, then you will see that the most part of the companies have no serious development plans". Most EY of the Russian leaders interviewed by analysts nevertheless hope that the number of complete transactions this year will increase. Hopes of business for improvement of a situation are pinned on return of direct investment funds as main buyers of assets, the representative of the consulting company RBC has told. To add to your sources of news?



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